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networkx - Official NetworkX source code repository.

  •    Python

NetworkX is a Python package for the creation, manipulation, and study of the structure, dynamics, and functions of complex networks. For additional details, please see INSTALL.rst.

g6 - A Graph Visualization Framework in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

G6 is a graph visualization framework. It provides a set of base mechanisms, help developers to build your own graph visualization analysis application or graph visualization edit application.

ggraph - Graph visualization of big messy data

  •    Javascript

This is a library built on top D3 with the goal of improving how we work with large and messy graphs. It extends the notion of nodes and links with groups of nodes. This is useful when multiple nodes are in fact the same thing or belong to the same group.

ggraph - Grammar of Graph Graphics

  •    R

ggraph is an extension of ggplot2 aimed at supporting relational data structures such as networks, graphs, and trees. While it builds upon the foundation of ggplot2 and its API it comes with its own self-contained set of geoms, facets, etc., as well as adding the concept of layouts to the grammar. All of the tree concepts has been discussed in detail in dedicated blog posts that are also available as vignettes in the package. Please refer to these for more information.

neo4jd3 - Neo4j graph visualization using D3.js

  •    Javascript

Neo4j graph visualization using D3.js. First of all, make sure you have ruby and sass gem installed. Then, clone the repository, install all dependencies, build and serve the project.

neo4j-3d-force-graph - Experiments with Neo4j & 3d-force-graph https://github

  •    HTML

Some experiments using Data in Neo4j to render 3d graphs using three-js via 3d-force-graph which is a really cool repository. These pages use the Neo4j javascript driver to query the graph for some basic data and render it in the 3d-graph.

grave - Grave—dead simple graph visualization

  •    Python

Grave is a graph visualization package combining ideas from Matplotlib, NetworkX, and seaborn. Its goal is to provide a network drawing API that covers the most use cases with sensible defaults and simple style configuration. Currently, it supports drawing graphs from NetworkX. Released under the 3-Clause BSD license (see LICENSE).

goll-e - Graph Object Language and Layout Editor

  •    Javascript

The GOLL-E Content Language specifies the content of the graph, and any data pertaining the graph. That is the list of vertices contained in the graph, with each vertex detailing the data specific to itself, and a list of edges, with each edge detailing the data specific to itself. The content language is specified in greater detail here. The visualizer plays a key role in this system because it has to support user modification (i.e. dragging vertices to modify the layout).

GraphPlot.jl - Graph visualization for Julia.

  •    Julia

Graph layout and visualization algorithms based on Compose.jl and inspired by GraphLayout.jl. The spring_layout and stressmajorize_layout function are copy from IainNZ's GraphLayout.jl.

NetworkLayout.jl - Layout algorithms for graphs and trees in pure Julia.

  •    Julia

Layout algorithms for graphs and trees in pure Julia. Spring-Electric Force Directed Placement algorithm as explained in Efficient and High Quality Force-Directed Graph Drawing by Yifan Hu.

noflo-graphviz - NoFlo visualization tools for GraphViz

  •    CoffeeScript

This package provides a command-line tool for creating GraphViz visualizations of NoFlo flows. The generated SVG file will be named based on the graph being visualized, and will be stored in your current working directory.

pyNMS - A vendor-agnostic NMS for carrier-grade network simulation and automation

  •    Python

Maps can be displayed in pyNMS to draw all network devices at their exact location (longitude and latitude), using the mercator or azimuthal orthographic projections. Networks can be exported as a .KML file to be displayed on Google Earth, with the same icons and link colors as in pyNMS.

gradoop_demo - Demo application for GRADOOP operators

  •    Javascript

Demo application for GRADOOP operators (www.gradoop.com)