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stellargraph - StellarGraph - Machine Learning on Graphs

  •    Python

StellarGraph is a Python library for machine learning on graphs and networks. StellarGraph is built on TensorFlow 2 and its Keras high-level API, as well as Pandas and NumPy. It is thus user-friendly, modular and extensible. It interoperates smoothly with code that builds on these, such as the standard Keras layers and scikit-learn, so it is easy to augment the core graph machine learning algorithms provided by StellarGraph. It is thus also easy to install with pip or Anaconda.

pgx-samples - Applications using Parallel Graph AnalytiX (PGX) from Oracle Labs

  •    Scala

PGX can be downloaded from Oracle Technology Network (OTN): download link. PgxML and PGX Algorithm are available as of version 3.2.0 and released under the OTN license. Obtain the latest pgx-x.y.z-server zip file from the PGX download page and unzip it in the libs folder. The healthcare fraud detection example detects anomalies in medical transactions through a graph analysis procedure implemented in PGX. More details regarding this use-case are available here.

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