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kglib - Grakn Knowledge Graph Library (ML R&D)

  •    Python

To respond to these scenarios, KGLIB is the centre of all research projects conducted at Grakn Labs. In particular, its focus is on the integration of machine learning with the Grakn Knowledge Graph. More on this below, in Knowledge Graph Tasks. At present this repo contains one project: Knowledge Graph Convolutional Networks (KGCNs). Go there for more info on getting started with a working example.

typedb-workbase - Grakn Workbase (Knowledge IDE)

  •    CSS

TypeDB Workbase is TypeDB's Integrated Development Environment to perform knowledge engineering. At the moment, Workbase provides two main functionalities: visualisation of the database, and modelling of the knowledge schema. You can also see Workbase as another interface for a user to interact with their TypeDB database, as an alternative to the TypeDB Console and TypeDB Client API/Drivers.

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