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Grace - Graceful restart & zero downtime deploy for Go servers.

  •    Go

Package grace provides a library that makes it easy to build socket based servers that can be gracefully terminated & restarted (that is, without dropping any connections).It provides a convenient API for HTTP servers including support for TLS, especially if you need to listen on multiple ports (for example a secondary internal only admin server). Additionally it is implemented using the same API as systemd providing socket activation compatibility to also provide lazy activation of the server.

eslint-config-squarespace - Provides the universal configuration for eslint at Squarespace.

  •    Javascript

Provides the universal configuration for eslint at Squarespace. You may add eslint config to a webpack build process by using a preloader and some eslint config. There should be no need to reference this config file provided the .eslintrc 'extends' property is set.

Node-Grace - Graceful application with domains, cluster, error handling and Express support.

  •    Javascript

Because it's pretty hard to write concurrent code, treat with the master and the workers, overriding source code, supporting Windows, Linux and Express and writing a transparent API, this module is in a beta state until it reaches v1.0.0. It's working pretty well with the provided examples and is actively tested in edge cases. If you find a bug, please report it.

hopper - An asynchronous JavaScript interpreter for the Grace programming language

  •    Javascript

A simple JavaScript AST-walking interpreter for the Grace programming language. Accepts an optional source file as an argument. If left off, the interactive REPL will load instead. Use the -h flag for information about extra arguments.