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type-graphql - Create GraphQL schema and resolvers with TypeScript, using classes and decorators!

  •    TypeScript

We all know that GraphQL is so great and solves many problems that we have with REST API, like overfetching and underfetching. But developing a GraphQL API in Node.js with TypeScript is sometimes a bit of pain. Why? Let's take a look at the steps we usually have to make. The biggest problem is the redundancy in our codebase, which makes it difficult to keep things in sync. To add a new field to our entity, we have to jump through all the files - modify an entity class, the schema, as well as the interface. The same goes with inputs or arguments. It's easy to forget to update one piece or make a mistake with a single type. Also, what if we've made a typo in field name? The rename feature (F2) won't work correctly.

js-graphql-intellij-plugin - GraphQL language support for IntelliJ IDEA and WebStorm, including Relay

  •    Java

GraphQL language support including Relay.QL tagged templates in JavaScript and TypeScript. It depends on js-graphql-language-service that it manages using a Node.js process handler.

gql - A GraphQL client in Python

  •    Python

This is a GraphQL client for Python. Plays nicely with graphene, graphql-core, graphql-js and any other GraphQL implementation compatible with the spec.GQL architecture is inspired by React-Relay and Apollo-Client.

graphql-got - Convenience wrapper for got to interact with GraphQL

  •    Javascript

A lightweight alternative to apollo-client and relay.Same as got, but with some additional options below. URLs without protocol will be prepended with https://.

apollo-phoenix-websocket - An Apollo networkInterface for executing GraphQL queries via Phoenix Channels

  •    Javascript

Apollo is a feature rich GQL client, APW implements an Apollo GraphQL Network Layer for it over Phoenix Channels allowing you to re-use a single bidirectional connection for executing your queries and mutations, the backend can send new data via subscriptions, and the Apollo client can update its internal store and update your views accordingly. Since version 0.6.0, all Apollo operations are supported: queries, mutations, watchQueries (pooling) and subscriptions.

go-proto-gql - Protoc plugins for generating graphql schema and quickly create servers

  •    Go

This repository aims to simplify working with grpc trough protocol buffers and graphql by generating code. There are 2 plugins: gql that generates graphql schema and gogqlgen that generates methods for implementing github.com/99designs/gqlgen/graphql.Marshaler and github.com/99designs/gqlgen/graphql.Unmarshaler interfaces.

ts-transform-graphql-tag - Compiles GraphQL tagged template strings using graphql-tag in TypeScript files

  •    TypeScript

Compiles GraphQL tagged template strings using graphql-tag in TypeScript files. The plugin was mostly inspired by great Babel's plugin babel-plugin-graphql-tag.

gqlint - GraphQL (Schema) Linter

  •    Javascript

GQLint is a GraphQL linter with custom rules. Please create tickets with new ideas for GraphQL rules.

mongoose-schema-to-graphql - Use Mongoose schema to generate graphQL type.

  •    Javascript

This package will help you avoid typing schemas for same essence. If you already have Mongoose schema that's enough to generate graphQL type. Make sure that your graphql package is the same version as used in mongoose-schema-to-graphql or vice versa.

vue-gql - A small and fast GraphQL client for Vue.js

  •    TypeScript

A small and fast GraphQL client for Vue.js. You can do a lot more, vue-gql makes frequent tasks such as re-fetching, caching, mutation responses, error handling, subscriptions a breeze. Consult the documentation for more use-cases and examples.

graphql-quest - Ultra-minimal library for making GraphQL requests in the browser and Node (with a quick polyfill)

  •    Javascript

A minimal library for making GraphQL requests in JavaScript, coming in at < 600 bytes gzipped. I needed an ultra-light, minimally-scoped client for talking to a GraphQL API. Prisma's graphql-request has the feature set I needed, and it's pretty small in size, but I wanted to go even thinner. For most use cases, Quest has an extremely similar feature set with a gzipped size that's ~9.5 times smaller than Prisma's alternative.

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