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fieldplay - A vector field explorer

  •    Javascript

Vector fields explorer. Made with WebGL, love and passion. more examples...

node-opencl - Low-level OpenCL 1.x and 2.x bindgings for node.js

  •    C++

This is an early implementation of Node.JS bindings to OpenCL supporting all features of OpenCL up to the latests specification available on Khronos.org. This implementation is different from node-webcl in the sense that it is close to OpenCL C host methods. A WebCL object model would be available later by simply wrapping the low level methods of node-opencl.

paperspace-node - Paperspace API for node.js

  •    Javascript

Head over to the releases section to download the latest version of the paperspace CLI for Linux, Mac, and Windows. After downloading, make sure the 'paperspace' binary is permitted to run on your system by marking its permissions appropriately. Also, add the directory containing the 'paperspace' binary to your path using a method appropriate for your platform.