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  •    Swift

E-contact app helps citizens of Dnipro and neighboring regions to solve problems citizens have in their everyday lives by providing a reliable channel of communication with local authorities. Citizens don’t have to know exactly who they should get in touch with – a contact center forwards their complaint to whoever is the responsible branch of local authorities. Let’s say, a road in your district needs repairs, or elevator is not working in your building or gas pipes are leaking.E-contact will help you will all these issues! You can use E-contact to learn what residents of your town or village complain about through the feed or an integrated map that reflects all complaints with their geolocation. You can add your own complaint stating the problem in text format with photos attached and a spot of the map linked to your post. E-contact will deliver the complaint to the responsible party and will notify you as soon as the issue is fixed. Development tools - UIKit, Swift, Objective C.

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