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ants - 🐜⚡️A high-performance goroutine pool for go

  •    Go

Package ants implements a fixed goroutine pool for managing and recycling a massive number of goroutines, allowing developers to limit the number of goroutines that created by your concurrent programs. Don't worry about the synchronous problems in this case, this method is thread-safe.

leaktest - Goroutine Leak Detector

  •    Go

Refactored, tested variant of the goroutine leak detector found in both net/http tests and the cockroachdb source tree. Takes a snapshot of running goroutines at the start of a test, and at the end - compares the two and voila. Ignores runtime/sys goroutines. Doesn't play nice with t.Parallel() right now, but there are plans to do so.

grpool - Lightweight Goroutine pool

  •    Go

Clients can submit jobs. Dispatcher takes job, and sends it to first available worker. When worker is done with processing job, will be returned back to worker pool.Number of workers and Job queue size is configurable.

goroutine - Expose goroutine id to wild world.

  •    Go

Package goroutine is merely a hack. It exports goroutine id to outside so that you can use it for whatever purpose. However, it's highly recommended to not use this package in your daily life. It may be broken at any go release as it's a hack.Get the latest version through go get -u github.com/huandu/goroutine.

flowgraph - Ready-send coordination layer on top of goroutines.

  •    Go

Go (Golang) offers direct support for concurrent programming with goroutines, channels, and the select statement. Used together they offer all the building blocks necessary for programming across many cores and many Unix boxes. But so much is possible with goroutines that constructing scaleable and reliable systems (that won't deadlock or be throttled by bottlenecks) requires the application or invention of additional concepts.Flowgraphs are a distinct model of concurrent programming that augment channels with ready-send handshake mechanisms to ensure that no data is sent before the receiver is ready. MPI (a framework for supercomputer computation) directly supports flowgraph computation, but doesn't address flow-based computation within a single Unix process. Go with its goroutines (more efficient than threads according to Rob Pike) facilitates taking the MPI model down to whatever granularity the concurrent programmer wants.

gos - Game Server based on Golang

  •    Go

Game Server based on Golang

goroutine-pool - A simple goroutine pool which can create and release goroutine dynamically, inspired by fasthttp

  •    Go

A simple goroutine pool which can create and release goroutine dynamically, inspired by fasthttp.

go-tls - A bit safer approach to implement Thread Local Storage (TLS) for Go 1.7+.

  •    Go

WARNING: It's not recommended to use this package in any production environment. It may crash you at any time. Use context instead when possible. Package tls provides TLS for any goroutine by hijacking runtime.goexit on stack. Comparing with other similar packages, this package avoids any potential resource leak in TLS.

context - A proof of concept implementation of scoped context

  •    Go

A proof of concept implementation of scoped context, proposed in this blog post. This library should not be used for production code.

getty - a netty like asynchronous network I/O library based on tcp/udp/websocket; a bidirectional RPC framework based on JSON/Protobuf; a microservice framework based on zookeeper/etcd

  •    Go

Getty is a asynchronous network I/O library in golang. Getty is based on "ngo" whose author is sanbit. Getty works on tcp/udp/websocket network protocol and supplies a uniform interface. In getty there are two goroutines in one connection(session), one reads tcp stream/udp packet/websocket package, the other handles logic process and writes response into network write buffer. If your logic process may take a long time, you should start a new logic process goroutine by yourself in codec.go:(Codec)OnMessage.

golang_runtime_reading - golang 1.10.2 runtime code reading - golang runtime源码分析

  •    Go

理解golang runtime的运行原理,重点掌握golang的调度,gc,内存分配,数据结构.

goroutine-inspect - An interactive tool to analyze Golang goroutine dump.

  •    Go

An interactive tool to analyze Golang goroutine dump. Workspace is the place to hold imported goroutine dumps. Instructions are provided to maintain these dumps.

phproutine - PHProutine is goroutines emulation in PHP

  •    PHP

PHProutine is goroutines emulation in PHP

captcha - Go package captcha generation and verification of image, Refer from https://github

  •    Go

Package captcha implements generation and verification of image CAPTCHAs. A captcha solution is the sequence of digits 0-9 with the defined length.

goroutines - provides utilities to perform common tasks on goroutines

  •    Go

This package provides utilities to perform common tasks on goroutines - waiting for a goroutine to start, timeouts, do somethting before or after a goroutine function inside the same goroutine and recover from panic. It has a simple fluent API (see tests). This restarts the function at most, nine times and then stops. If we needed the function to run forever, we could simply drop intensity, or handle a value of -1.

workerpool - A workerpool that can get expanded & shrink dynamically.

  •    Go

This is an implementation of a workerpool which can get expanded & shrink dynamically. Workers can get added when needed and get dismissed when no longer are needed. Of-course this workerpool can be used just as a simple one with a fixed size. Examples can be seen inside documents.

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