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sheetsee.js - :eyes: :chart_with_upwards_trend: Visualize Data from a Google Spreadsheet

  •    Javascript

This repository is for the project website and provides a compiled version sheetsee.js. Use the compiled version if you want all of what is available in Sheetsee. If you want just the parts that you're going to use in your project and nothing more, you can build a custom version. Each part of Sheetsee has its own repository and issues should be opened there. General issues/pull requests for the site are OK here.

DotNetNuke Event Publisher


A DotNetNuke module that allows you to sync events based on data retrieved from SQL queries or existing UserDefinedTable modules to your Google Calendars.

WebP for .NET

  •    DotNet

Google's WebP image compression format exposed to .NET WebP for .NET is the very first official release of Google's WebP format implementation for the Windows platform.

Google Authenticator TOTP C#

  •    CSharp

An implementation of Google's Authenticator in C# and WPF. It's a Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) described in RFC 6238. You could use it to implement two-factor authentication in your own .Net application.


  •    ASPNET

A library written in C# for using the Google Chart API. I am currently working on making ASP.NET web controls for each type of chart.



This is a module for Orchard CMS which implements authentication with OAuth providers like Google, Facebook, LiveID and Twitter

Picasa Downloader

  •    CSharp

This application lets you download multiple Picasa webalbums of a selected picasa user with only a few clicks and without Picasa being installed.

k8s-gke-service-account-assigner - Provides different Google Service Accounts and Scopes for pods running on Kubernetes

  •    Go

Provides Google Service Account Tokens to containers running inside a kubernetes cluster based on annotations. Service accounts are attached to instances and are accessible by services through the transparent usage by the google-cloud-sdk of the Google instance metadata API. When using the google-cloud-sdk, a call is made to the Google instance metadata API which provides temporary credentials that are then used to make calls to the Google service.