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expenses - 💰Expense tracker using Google Sheets 📉 as a storage written in React

  •    Javascript

💰Expenses is a progressive web application on top of Google Sheets 📉 written in React ⚛️. It is only a static HTML that works great on mobile 📱 and can be deployed anywhere.Check out the demo but please be considerate and don't break it for others.

ImportJSON - Import JSON into Google Sheets, this library adds various ImportJSON functions to your spreadsheet

  •    HTML

Review ImportJSON.gs for more info on how to use these in detail. Cryptocurrencies: Looking to import JSON for cryptocurrency price data? Try CryptocurrencySpreadsheetUtils instead which offers a useful getCoinPrice() function.

node-google-spreadsheet - Google Spreadsheets Data API for Node.js

  •    Javascript

A simple Node.js module for reading and manipulating data in Google Spreadsheets. This example is simply meant to show some of the things you can do.

googlesheets - Google Spreadsheets R API

  •    R

Access and manage Google spreadsheets from R with googlesheets. googlesheets is inspired by gspread, a Google Spreadsheets Python API.

CryptocurrencySpreadsheetUtils - Cryptocurrency helpers for Google Sheets — get Bitcoin/Ethereum prices from CoinMarketCap API with simple function =getCoinPrice

  •    Javascript

Useful cryptocurrency tools (like getting the current price, of Bitcoin, Ethereum) for Google Spreadsheets. The easiest way to use it is to make a copy of the spreadsheet above.

google-sheets-wrapper - Lightweight wrapper around the official Google Sheets API that makes it easy to read/write rows

  •    TypeScript

A lightweight wrapper around the official Google Sheets API that makes it easy to read and write rows. It's written in TypeScript and uses async/await to handle requests to Google's API. The library only supports interacting with rows in Google Sheets. Not with columns or individual cells.

ruby-google-sheets-sinatra - An example app using Ruby, Google Sheets and Sinatra

  •    HTML

This is a sample application that uses Sinatra to host a site that saves data in a Google Sheet. Follow the steps in this blog post to create the credentials for a service account in the Google APIs Console. Download the credentials and copy them to this project with the filename client_secret.json.

pandoc-placetable - Pandoc filter to include CSV data (from file or URL)

  •    Haskell

A Pandoc filter that replaces fenced code blocks (that have the class table) with tables generated from CSV. The CSV is read from the code block and from an optional external CSV file (or URL) and concatenated. There's an option to enable parsing of inline markdown. If there is an id set (e.g. {.table #my-id}), the table will be wrapped in a div with that id so it can be referenced.

flags - Freely usable country and state flags from around the world

  •    HTML

This is a big repository of flag images for countries (and subdivisions). The flags are all named according to ISO 3166 alpha-2 for easy use in applications. You can download the entire repository, or you can access individual flags via http://flags.ox3.in (see below for details). You can see a list of all the flags available and the names/codes/aliases for the corresponding countries in this spreadsheet.

recruiter - Embeddable forms to recruit research participants

  •    Javascript

Embeddable forms for recruiting usability research participants. Uses Google Tag Manager to load form UI and targeting, and a custom Google Apps Script to send submissions to a Google Sheet. *Note: When deploying to sites where URLs contain references to content that may infer information of a personal or sensitive nature (e.g. visiting content related to medical conditions on NIH.gov), you may wish to omit passing the last two fields (URL and Referrer) to the Sheet. This can be done simply by removing the last two query parameters (&Referrer={{Referrer}}&URL={{Page URL}}) from the URL in the Recruiter to Google Sheet Custom Image Tag in GTM.

googlesheets4 - Google Spreadsheets R API (reboot of the googlesheets package)

  •    R

googlesheets4 provides an R interface to Google Sheets via the Sheets API v4. It is a reboot of the existing googlesheets package. Why 4? Why googlesheets4? Did I miss googlesheets1 through 3? No. The idea is to name the package after the corresponding version of the Sheets API. In hindsight, the original googlesheets should have been googlesheets3.

GESI - Google Sheets ESI Add-on

  •    TypeScript

Google Sheets add-on for interacting with EVE ESI API. NOTE: Libraries do not update on their own. When a new version of GESI is released, you will have to manually update the version dropdown in the Libraries modal.

magento2-import-export-sample-files - Default Magento 2 CE import / export CSV files & sample files for Firebear Improved Import / Export extension

  •    XSLT

In this repository we have gathered all sample files for Magento 2 import and export procedures. Every file has been tested with the different Magento 2 versions and latest release of Improved Import and Export extension. If you are new to the import process - start by reading FireBear Studio Magento 2 import guide.

form-to-google-sheets - Store HTML form submissions in Google Sheets.

  •    Javascript

To learn how to add additional input fields, checkout section 7 below. If you want to better understand what this script is doing, checkout the form-script-commented.js file in the repo for a detailed explanation.

bigquery-sheets-slides - Code repo for the Google Apps Script BigQuery-Sheets-Slides codelab application

  •    Javascript

This intermediate Google Apps Script codelab shows you how to build a sample app that demonstrates use of the Google BigQuery API to query a public data set and create a Google Slides presentation with the results data. A Google Sheet is used as an intermediary to store the analysis data as well as its ability to create charts on its data. BigQuery first performs a query on one of its public data sets; in this case, a query that determines the top 10 most common words in Shakespeare's works. BigQuery has a collection of public data sets, so you're free to issue other queries against this or any other data table you desire in doing this exercise. The app stores the query results from BigQuery into a newly-created Google Sheet. The Sheets API is then used to create a chart based on the results data. Finally, a new Google Slides presentation is created. A new slide is added whereby the the Sheet's cell data is imported. A second new slide is added embedding (and linking to) the chart from the Sheet.

gsheet-submission-review-tool - Google sheet submission review tool

  •    HTML

Our conference using Google form as submission system. Reviewing submissions on Google sheets is not comfortable at all. So I wrote this simple app to display submissions on the web. Here's a sample gsheet, please download this (your) sheets as zipped-HTML format, then open index.html and drag the HTML format sheet into your browser.

gatsby-source-google-sheet - Gatsby source plugin for consuming data from Google Sheets

  •    Javascript

Below is a sample query for fetching three columns in a spreadsheet.

TheCashster - Simple Expense Tracking App for Android with Google Sheets Sync

  •    Java

TheCashster is a simple Expense tracking software for Android. It is meant as a companion to TheBankster but should work fine alone. There are no categories to pick, no budgets to create or anything complicated. All your expenses are logged to a Google Sheets spreadsheet - that's where you can do whatever complicated reporting you want.

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