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CommaFeed - Self-hosted RSS reader

CommaFeed is Google Reader inspired self-hosted RSS reader, based on JAX-RS, Wicket and AngularJS. It can be deployed on OpenShift, your own server.

Mishra Reader

MishraReader is a Google Reader client developed using WPF with focus on ergonomy and smooth animations.

Desktop Google Reader

.NET / WPF client for Google Reader RSS agregator service. Shows unread items with basic functionality and various social network integrations. Has Outlook-like new item notification functionality standalone as well as using Snarl (http://www.fullphat.net(

Read the Reader

Read the Reader is a lightweight Google Reader Client. It runs in the background and tells you, when something's happening.


OPMLtools is a OPML tool that can find duplicate nodes(google reader feeds) and remove duplicate nodes from OPML file.

Windows Phone 7 - XReadr - A simple Google Reader App

XReadr is a simple Windows Phone 7 app using Google Reader API. It already has login, browse and mark it as read function here.

Google Reader .NET API

This library can access Google Reader feeds. It provides access to retreive and manage a user's feeds stored within Google Reader. It can be used to retreive feed items from the Google Reader data store and alter their metadata (including tags and read or unread status). It is...