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Jovo Framework - Build cross-platform voice applications for Amazon Alexa and Google Home

  •    Javascript

Jovo is the first open source framework that lets you build voice apps for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with only one code base. Besides cross-platform development, Jovo also offers a variety of integrations and easy prototyping capabilities.

Google-Actions-Java-SDK - Unofficial Google Actions Java SDK - for Android engineers and all Java lovers

  •    Java

Official Google Actions SDK is written in Node.js. But in many situations voice interfaces like Google Home or Google Assistant will extend or replace mobile apps. If you are old fashioned Android engineer and the most of your code is already written in Java, why not reuse it and build voice extension to app on your own? And this is the main reason to build Google Actions Java SDK - enabling as much developers as possible to build their brilliant ideas for Google Assistant and Home. Currently this is just working proof of concept of Google Actions Java SDK. It means that there is no documentation, fixed interface, (not much) unit tests and many, many others.

flask-assistant - Framework for Building Virtual Assistants with API.AI and python

  •    Python

A flask extension serving as an API.AI SDK to provide an easy way to create virtual assistants which may be integrated with platforms such as Actions on Google (Google Assistant). Flask-Assistant allows you to focus on building the core business logic of conversational user interfaces while utilizing API.AI's Natural Language Processing to interact with users.

voice-iot-maker-demo - Google Actions + Particle Photon (via Dialogflow)

  •    Javascript

This maker-friendly tutorial is a great starting point for developers, students, and tinkerers of all types who want to integrate the Google Home with their IoT prototyping projects. You can use this app to control an LED by voice, thanks to the magic of Google Assistant and Dialogflow, and an internet-connected Particle Photon.Disclaimer: This is not an official Google product.

alexa - Monorepo of libraries used for Amazon Alexa development

  •    Javascript

A monorepo of libraries used to build both custom skills and smart home skills for the Amazon Echo. Provides ES7 annotations for declaratively building both custom skills and smart home skills for the Echo. These skills are designed to be run on AWS Lambda. Try it out in the Playground.

musicdiscovery-assist - Google Home assistant for music recommendations, built with Python & Flask

  •    Python

This application is no longer active development. This service was refactored and published to Google Action applications using https://github.com/jesseward/songexplorer . The 'musicdiscovery-assist' code will continue to exist here as-is.

node_tradfri_ifttt - Backend to control Ikea TRADFRI from IFTTT

  •    Javascript

This project is based on google_home_starter by Kyle Peacock. If you haven't already, install git and node.js on your device.

assistant-plugins - Des plugins pour les Assistant (comme Google Home, Cortana, Alexa)

  •    Javascript

Vous utilisez un Assistant, comme Google Home / Google Assistant ? Alors vous pouvez étendre ses possibilités grâce à cet outil qui utilise la puissance de IFTTT.

google-home-notifier-python - A google home notification webservice

  •    Python

This is pretty simple. I had started using noelportugal's really great node Google Home Notifier but was having some issues with stability. I decided to write it in a language i know a bit better - python! yay. Python is your friend.

jovo-sample-voice-app-nodejs - Sample Voice App that uses the Jovo Framework to create a "Hello World" Alexa Skill and Google Action

  •    Javascript

Jovo is a development framework for cross-platform voice apps. Use this repository as a starting point to create a voice application for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. In this guide, you will learn how to create a "Hello World" voice app for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

google-actions-starter - A Node.js server for Google Assistant (and Google Home).

  •    Javascript

A Node.js server for your Google Assistant (and Google Home). NOTE: if you're deploying your action on Google Cloud, use your Google Cloud Project ID instead of "my-first-action".

Google-Assistant-Samsung-Smart-TV-Integration - Use Google Assistant as a remote for your Samsung Smart TV

  •    Python

Use your Google Home device as a remote for your Samsung Smart TV. There is no need for a Logitech Harmony device. If you use a Raspberry Pi to run this script you may want to make it start each time you boot your device. There are several ways how to do it. Here is one.

biesenbach - The Artsy Google Home application.

  •    Javascript

Artsy for Google Home. This project is named after MoMa PS1 curator Klaus Biesenbach.

watson-google-assistant - Create an Action for Google Assistant using Watson Assistant

  •    Javascript

This Code Pattern includes a Watson Assistant workspace to demonstrate an implementation of a retail agent that can ask for reservation schedules and specifics. To demonstrate how to test it with Google Assistant devices, we will setup a Google Action that calls out to our Node.js server which interacts with Watson Assistant. Press the above Deploy to IBM Cloud button and then click on Deploy.

GHLocalApi - (Unofficial) Google Home local api documentation

  •    API

Documentation for Google Home's local API, written in API Blueprint and rendered with danielgtaylor/aglio. The API Blueprint is in all.apib.

assistant-relay - A Node

  •    Javascript

Assistant Relay is a Node.js server. It's exposed with an Express Web Server that allows for commands to be sent to the Google Assistant. It also supports the Google Home Broadcast command, so unlike other TTS solutions that cast audio, Assistant Relay allows you to send audio notifications to your Google Home devices, without interrupting music.

actions-on-google-kotlin - Unofficial Actions on Google SDK for Kotlin and Java

  •    Kotlin

This is a port of the official Node.js SDK to Kotlin. This can also be used from Java and any JVM language. The above artifact should fit the needs of most developers, however, if you are not using java.servlet.http.HttpServlet, or do not want to use Gson for deserialization, you can use the actions-on-google-core lib. For example how to use the core library, reading through the sdk-gson-servlet module.


  •    Javascript

Try it on a Google Assistant or Google Home by saying “Hey Google, talk to 21 Days of Gratitude”. This is an experiment, not an official Google product. We will do our best to support and maintain this experiment but your mileage may vary.

go-chromecast - cli for Google Chromecast, Home devices and Cast Groups

  •    Go

Implements a basic number of the google chromecast commands. Other than the basic commands, it also allows you to play media files from your computer either individually or in a playlist; the playlist command will look at all the files in a folder and play them sorted by numerically. Can play / load a local media file on your chromecast.