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berglas - A tool for managing secrets on Google Cloud

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Berglas is a command line tool and library for storing and and retrieving secrets on Google Cloud. Secrets are encrypted with Cloud KMS and stored in Cloud Storage. As a CLI, berglas automates the process of encrypting, decrypting, and storing data on Google Cloud.

kubesec - Secure Secret management for Kubernetes (with gpg, Google Cloud KMS and AWS KMS backends)

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Secure secret management for Kubernetes (with gpg, Google Cloud KMS and AWS KMS backends).The nice thing about this approach (compared to complete file encryption) is that git diff and git merge become so much more user-friendly (+ you can ascertain that specific entry is present even if you don't have the key to decrypt the secret).

google-cloud-kms-csr - Create CSR request with Google Cloud KMS or HSM

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Quick utility tool that creates a CSR cert and signs it with a private key coming from Google Cloud KMS or HSM. The private key never leaves Google, everyone is happy. The CSR can then be used to get cert from CA. Make sure to use an asymmetric key.

google-kms-pgp - A CLI to use a Google Cloud KMS key for PGP signing operations.

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This project lets you create PGP-compatible signatures using Google Cloud KMS asymmetric keys. It should be considered experimental. --export: generates and exports a PGP-compatible public key from a Google Cloud KMS key.

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