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Windows Live Calendar Gadget

Windows Live Calendar Gadget is a simple desktop calendar for Windows. It displays the events from internet calendars provided in iCalendar format.

DotNetNuke Event Publisher

A DotNetNuke module that allows you to sync events based on data retrieved from SQL queries or existing UserDefinedTable modules to your Google Calendars.


A small tool to keep the Google calendar in sync with the Outlook calendar (one way: Outlook -> Google). Doesn't need admin rights and works behind a proxy.


GMobileSync allows you to remotely synchronize Google Calendar events to your Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 device using its local internet connection.

GJ Reminder

GJ Reminder is a reminder for everyone who don't want to forget things anywhere.

calblink - Blink(1) monitor for Google Calendar

Install Go, and plug your blink(1) in somewhere that you can see it.Bring up a command-line window, and create the directory you want to run this in. Set the GOPATH environment variable to point to this directory.