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richgo - Enrich `go test` outputs with text decorations.

  •    Go

Rich-Go will enrich go test outputs with text decorations. If your build scripts expect to interact with the standard output format of go test (for instance, if you're using go-junit-report), you'll need to use the testfilter subcommand of richgo.

go-fitz - Golang wrapper for the MuPDF Fitz library

  •    C

Go wrapper for MuPDF fitz library that can extract pages from PDF, EPUB and XPS documents as images, text, html or svg.

GoCurrency - Simple currency converter

  •    Go

GoCurrency is a Go program made on the top of Kund Nu Currency Converter API. The GoCurrency's goal is to be a perfect tool providing a stupidly easy-to-use and fast program to convert values between currencies.

grace - Handle Go recover, panic, and errors in a graceful way

  •    Go

The following is a simple example that handles a panic and returns the error without the program crash. You can read the full documentation of Grace here.

go-alpha-vantage - Golang Alpha Vantage Client

  •    Go

Composed of a tight-knit community of researchers, engineers, and business professionals, Alpha Vantage Inc. is a leading provider of free APIs for realtime and historical data on stocks, physical currencies, and digital/crypto currencies. Our success is driven by rigorous research, cutting edge technology, and a disciplined focus on democratizing access to data.

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