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go-plus - An Enhanced Go Experience For The Atom Editor

  •    Javascript

gocode (and a few other tools, like gotype) work on .a files (i.e. the package object archive), and the way to keep these up to date is to run go install periodically. This ensures your autocomplete suggestions are kept up to date without having to resort to gocode set autobuild true 🎉.We are open to suggestions for detecting a package which is built with gb; please feel free to submit a pull request that detects a gb package without any explicit configuration and runs it.

graphql - Simple low-level GraphQL HTTP client for Go

  •    Go

Low-level GraphQL client for Go. For more information, read the godoc package documentation or the blog post.

gojenkins - Jenkins API Client in Go

  •    Go

Jenkins is the most popular Open Source Continuous Integration system. This Library will help you interact with Jenkins in a more developer-friendly way.By default, gojenkins will use the http.DefaultClient if none is passed into the CreateJenkins() function.

go-readme - An example ReadMe file for Go libraries.


When users of our library land on our project page, we need to make sure we have the right things in our README.md so that they can find what they need to know quickly. This might be your license or links to GoDoc and/or your testing page. Even though we have GoDoc for the programmer docs, it is not enough and is not necessarily aimed at the same audience as the users who land here. This is especially true for people new to Go.

gojsondiff - Go JSON Diff

  •    Go

See jd/main.go for how to use this library. This repository contains a package that you can use as a CLI tool.

gdoc - Search GoDoc.org via command-line

  •    Go

gdoc is a small utility to search on GoDoc.org. It's also suitable to read package documents via command-line. Warning: This tool is only tested on Linux and OSX.

godocc - go doc with colors

  •    Go

Like go doc but with colors. Accepts all the arguments and flags go doc works with. Godocc is just a simple wrapper around the go doc tool.

godoc-playground - Play with GoDoc syntax and preview your changes in realtime

  •    Go

The GoDoc Playground lets you make changes to your packages documentation and see, in (near) realtime, exactly how this will be rendered on godoc.org.

vim-plugin-viewdoc - Vim plugin: flexible viewer for any documentation

  •    Vim

Flexible viewer for any documentation source (help/man/perldoc/etc.) for any file type inside Vim in easy to use, consistent, smart and configurable way. You can configure how (keys/commands) documentation will be open. By default it will replace standard mapping for key K and command :help plus add mapping for <F1> key and new commands :man, :doc, etc.

moddoc - A GOPROXY Documentation Generator

  •    Go

This is a server that takes a GOPROXY url as an argument and gives you a UI documentation similar to godoc.org except all data comes from the GOPROXY and not from VCS. If your GOPROXY supports a /catalog endpoint, then you can see and search the list of existing modules on the home page.

vaku - A CLI and Go API to extend the official Vault client

  •    Go

Vaku is a CLI and Go API that add useful functions on top of Hashicorp Vault. Use go get to install the latest version of the API and CLI. This command will install the vaku executable and the latest version of the Vault API.

libusb - Go bindings for the C libusb library.

  •    Go

Go bindings for the libusb C library. To use libusb package, you'll need to install the libusb C library first.

goreadme - Update readme.md from go doc

  •    Go

Package goreadme creates readme markdown file from go doc. This package can be used as a web service, as a command line tool or as a library.

zmq4 - [WIP] Pure-Go implementation of ZeroMQ-4

  •    Go

zmq4 is a pure-Go implementation of ØMQ (ZeroMQ), version 4. See zeromq.org for more informations.

gohub.github.io - Go 风格文档在线阅读

  •    CSS

GoHub 使用 Github REST API v3 提供在线 Golang 文档阅读. 例: 单个文档项目, 使用 GoDocu 生成.

Neo-cowsay - 🐮 cowsay is reborn

  •    Go

by Original. Neo Cowsay written in Go. This cowsay extended the original and added fun more options. And it can be used as a library. asciinema is heavy...

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