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gosms - :mailbox_closed: Your own local SMS gateway in Go

  •    Go

:mailbox_closed: Your own local SMS gateway in Go

wuzz - Interactive cli tool for HTTP inspection

  •    Go

Wuzz command line arguments are similar to cURL's arguments, so it can be used to inspect/modify requests copied from the browser's network inspector with the "copy as cURL" feature.Note: golang >= 1.7 required.

realize - Go build system with file watcher, live reload and output streams

  •    Go

Automate the most recurring operations needed for development, define what you need only one time, integrate additional tools of third party, define custom cli commands and reload projects at each file change without stop to write code.Various operations can be programmed for each project, which can be executed at startup, at stop, and at each file change.

ofxgo - Golang library for querying and parsing OFX

  •    Go

OFXGo is a library for querying OFX servers and/or parsing the responses. It also provides an example command-line client to demonstrate the use of the library.The main purpose of this project is to provide a library to make it easier to query financial information with OFX from the comfort of Golang, without having to marshal/unmarshal to SGML or XML. The library does not intend to abstract away all of the details of the OFX specification, which would be difficult to do well. Instead, it exposes the OFX SGML/XML hierarchy as structs which mostly resemble it. Its primary goal is to enable the creation of other personal finance software in Go (as it was created to allow me to fetch OFX transactions for my own project, MoneyGo).

neat - NEAT (NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies) implemented in Go

  •    Go

CURRENTLY NOT WORKING! There will be a further notice when it's updated.NEAT (NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies) is a neuroevolution algorithm by Dr. Kenneth O. Stanley which evolves not only neural networks' weights but also their topologies. This method starts the evolution process with genomes with minimal structure, then complexifies the structure of each genome as it progresses. You can read the original paper from here.

goga - Golang Genetic Algorithm

  •    Go

Golang implementation of a genetic algorithm. See ./examples for info on how to use the library.Goga is a genetic algorithm solution written in Golang. It is used and configured by injecting different behaviours into the main genetic algorithm object. The main injectable components are the simulator, selector and mater.

grace - Handle Go recover, panic, and errors in a graceful way

  •    Go

The following is a simple example that handles a panic and returns the error without the program crash. You can read the full documentation of Grace here.

set - This is a golang library for finite and infinite sets

  •    Go

This is a go library to work with finite and infinite sets.

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