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gen - Type-driven code generation for Go

  •    Go

gen is a code-generation tool for Go. It’s intended to offer generics-like functionality on your types. Out of the box, it offers offers LINQ/underscore-inspired methods.It also offers third-party, runtime extensibility via typewriters.

jennifer - Jennifer is a code generator for Go

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Jennifer is a code generator for Go.If you get stuck, have a question, would like a code review, or just want a chat: I'm happy to help! Feel free to open an issue, email me or mention @dave in your PR.

goderive - Next generation code generator for go

  •    Go

goderive derives mundane golang functions that you do not want to maintain and keeps them up to date.It does this by parsing your go code for functions, which are not implemented, and then generates these functions for you by deriving their implementations from the input parameter types.

interfaces - Code generation tools for Go.

  •    Go

Code generation tools for Go's interfaces.Generates an interface for a named type.

go-enum - An enum generator for go

  •    Go

The goal of go-enum is to create an easy to use enum generator that will take a decorated type declaration like type EnumName int and create the associated constant values and funcs that will make life a little easier for adding new values. It's not perfect, but I think it's useful.I took the output of the Stringer command as the String() method, and added a way to parse a string value.

pkgreflect - A Go preprocessor for package scoped reflection

  •    Go

Problem: Go reflection does not support enumerating types, variables and functions of packages.If -norecurs is not set, then pkgreflect traverses recursively into sub-directories. If no DIR_NAME is given, then the current directory is used as root.

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