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data-science-at-the-command-line - Data Science at the Command Line

  •    HTML

This repository contains the full text, data, scripts, and custom command-line tools used in the book Data Science at the Command Line. The book is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. The command-line tools are licensed under the BSD 2-Clause License.

criterion.rs - Statistics-driven benchmarking library for Rust

  •    Rust

Criterion.rs helps you write fast code by detecting and measuring performance improvements or regressions, even small ones, quickly and accurately. You can optimize with confidence, knowing how each change affects the performance of your code. In order to generate plots, you must have gnuplot installed. See the gnuplot website for installation instructions. See Compatibility Policy for details on the minimum supported Rust version.


  •    Python

pyla stands for python little algorithms. pyla is a set of simple libraries in pure Python 3 for plotting using gnuplot and quick and simple numerical methods.

Modern Fortran Programming

  •    Fortran

Modern Fortran Programming is a page for developing fortran codes in modern fortran 2003, 2008 standard. It contains several light projects including: + ogpf: Object based interface to gnuplot from fortran + rkf: RKF revisited! [under development] + . . .

gnuplot-examples - GNUPlot Examples

  •    Gnuplot

Collection of GNUPlot examples. Using column 1 and 2 from data/line.dat.

nodejs-plotter - A node

  •    Javascript

nodejs-plotter is a node.js module that turns an array of data into a graph. Uses gnuplot and ps2pdf. Plotting is achieved by calling the plot function with an object containing various properties. Both 'data' and 'filename' are essential, all other properties are optional.

glsl-colormap - A collection of GLSL fragment shaders to draw color maps.

  •    C++

. Each *.frag shader sources provides a colormap function, which takes an float argument x (x should be: 0.0 <= x <= 1.0). The colormap function returns a vec4 value which represents an RGBA color.

PHPench - Realtime benchmarks for PHP code

  •    PHP

PHPench creates a graphical output for a PHP benchmark. Plot the runtime of any function in realtime with GnuPlot and create an image out of the result. Sometimes the difference between two algorithms is hard to explain but easy to show. For instance, take two sorting algorithms which both have a best-case runtime of O(n*log n). Depending on the input, one can be much faster than the other. This tools helps you see what's going on.

node-gnuplot - A thin wrapper around gnuplot for node.js

  •    Javascript

Spawn a new gnuplot process and return a duplex stream combining stdout and stdin. Write data to stdin of the gnuplot process. If the stream should be closed after the write, pass {end: true} as options.

gnuplot-mode - An emacs major mode for editing gnuplot scripts.

  •    Emacs

Gnuplot is an extremely useful program – it’s fast, easy to use and great for getting a look at your data before starting a more sophisticated analysis. You can run gnuplot interactively at a command prompt, but I generally find it easier to write a plot script instead. In order to edit these scripts a little more comfortably, I wrote this major mode for emacs. It offers syntax hilighting and basic indentation, as well as a command to plot the file. You can run the plot command either directly (by M-x gnuplot-run-buffer), or with the (customizable) shortcut C-c C-c.

gnuplot-cpp - Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/gnuplot-cpp

  •    C++

This project was hosted on google code. Since google dropped google code, this project was moved to github. To use this interface within your CMake projects, you can use the gnuplot-cppConfig.cmake. Just make sure, that CMake is able to find the gnuplot-cpp directory, either by moving it to the CMake search path, or setting graybat-cpp_dir.

graph-function - :chart_with_upwards_trend: graphing your ruby functions

  •    Ruby

This gem's goal is to make it easy to compare the asymptotic performance of two or more functions via graphing. When I work on katas and exercises I found I often wanted to compare my implementations. After doing so a half dozen times I noticed some patterns, and figured it'd be valuable to capture those into an easier API to work with. While working on a kata I like the immediacy of replotting back on x11, but because of gnuplot's structure it is just as easy to get images or html canvas graphs.

sweepline - Fortune's algorithm for Voronoi diagram generating on the plane

  •    C++

Fortune's algorithm for Voronoi diagram generating on the plane. Intended for runtime speed and careful handling of corner cases.

numo-gnuplot - Gnuplot wrapper for Ruby/Numo

  •    Ruby

Alpha version under development. Numo::Gnuplot achieves this by providing only one class which has the same inteface as Gnuplot command line, and no other class which causes extra learning costs.

colormap-shaders - A collection of shaders to draw color maps.

  •    C++

. Each *.frag shader sources provides a colormap function, which takes an float argument x (x should be: 0.0 <= x <= 1.0). The colormap function returns a vec4 value which represents an RGBA color.

styx - Export Data from Prometheus to csv, gnuplot & matplotlib

  •    Go

Export Prometheus data as CSV or directly plot with gnuplot & matplotlib. If you want to simply export data from Prometheus as CSV then you don't need to install any thing else.

cl-covid19 - Explore COVID-19 data with Common Lisp, gnuplot, SQL and Grafana

  •    Common

The cl-covid19 system provides APIs for exploring and reviewing COVID-19 data with Common Lisp, SQL, gnuplot and Grafana. The system fetches time-series data from the COVID-19 API, and persists it locally in a SQLite database, so it can be reviewed offline.

cryplot - Crystal plotting library powered by gnuplot

  •    Crystal

Cryplot is Crystal plotting library powered by gnuplot. The goal of the Cryplot is to enable you, Crystal programmer, to conveniently plot beautiful graphs as easy as in other high-level programming languages. The only external runtime dependencies is gnuplot executable and it need to be in your system path.

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