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argos - Create GNOME Shell extensions in seconds

Most GNOME Shell extensions do one thing: Add a button with a dropdown menu to the panel, displaying information and exposing functionality. Even in its simplest form, creating such an extension is a nontrivial task involving a poorly documented and ever-changing JavaScript API.Argos lets you write GNOME Shell extensions in a language that every Linux user is already intimately familiar with: Bash scripts.

gnome-email-notifications - Gnome Email Notifications

Install gnome-shell version 3.22 or later.Sign in with your Google and/or Microsoft account in Gnome Online Accounts settings.

gnome-shell-bitcoin-markets - Gnome-Shell extension displaying market rate for bitcoin and other crypto-currencies

Displays Bitcoin and Altcoin market information in the Gnome Shell. Then go to https://extensions.gnome.org/local/ to turn on the extension or use gnome-tweak-tool.

gnome-shell-screenshot - Gnome Shell extension for making and uploading screenshots

Shortcut to create screenshots that can be opened, copied to clipboard or saved to disk. This extension is based on gnome-shell-imgur.

gnome-shell-volume-mixer - GNOME Shell Extension allowing separate configuration of pulseaudio devices

Shell Volume Mixer is an extension for GNOME Shell allowing separate configuration of PulseAudio devices and output switches. It features a profile switcher to quickly switch between pinned profiles and devices. Middle mouse click on a slider mutes the selected stream.

word-clock-extension - Word clock extension for GNOME Shell

A very simple extension that turns the numeric clock of GNOME Shell into a text version, using British English conventions. The extension monkeypatches the Main.panel.statusArea.dateMenu object and when the wall clock updates its clock property, the extension replaces the text property of the label actor with its own processed version of the time.

gnomehub - A Gnome 3 Shell extension that shows your favorite GitHub repos and their open pull requests on the top panel

A Gnome Shell extension that shows your favorite GitHub repositories and their open pull requests on the top panel. You can install GnomeHub directly from its page on extensions.gnome.org.

gnome-shell-TilixDropdown - A GNOME Shell extension to launch Tilix in Quake Mode .

A GNOME Shell extension to launch Tilix (previosly known as terminix) in Quake Mode . Prerequisites: Tilix are installed.

gnome-shell-extensions-negesti - An gnome-shell extension that makes window movement a lot easier.

An gnome-shell extension that makes window movement a lot easier. The easiest way to install is to download the latest release zip from the releases page and install it using the gnome-tweak-tool.

plane-icon-theme - Is a modern icon theme for gnome linux versions.

The folder ./src/variants/* contains all possible icon variants and the var variants in the gulpfile.js have an array with all posible icon set variants. Allows hot editing, gulp watch auto will generate the icon and if you pass the parameter will update the icon set.

pass-extension - Gnome shell extension for the pass password manager

Gnome-shell extension to access your passwords from the password store pass. The recommended method of instalation is using the gnome shell extensions website. Just go here and install the extension.

noflo-gnome - NoFlo runtime for GNOME development

NoFlo-Gnome a set of tools to help you write applications using the NoFlo framework and its UI editor (https://github.com/noflo/noflo-ui) for the Gnome environment. NoFlo-Gnome is capable of reusing generic NoFlo components. A lot of components provide features like string processing, simple mathematic functions, object processing, group processing, etc...

keyman - A gnome shell extension to access the keyring in a convenient way

A gnome shell extension to access the keyring in a convenient way. Simply search for your password and copy it to clipboad by clicking it. After a certain amount of time it will be removed automatically (default is 5 seconds). As this only works if the keyrings are unlocked, this extension also provides easy access to lock/unlock keyrings. Finally, this extension provides a history of the last copied passwords.