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tiny-glob - 🚀 Super tiny and ~350% faster alternative to node-glob

  •    Javascript

Tiny and extremely fast library to match files and folders using glob patterns. "Globs" is the common name for a specific type of pattern used to match files and folders. It's the patterns you type when you do stuff like ls *.js in your shell or put src/* in a .gitignore file. When used to match filenames, it's sometimes called a "wildcard".

globbing - Introduction to "globbing" or glob matching, a programming concept that allows "filepath expansion" and matching using wildcards

  •    Javascript

Cheatsheet and introduction to "globbing". The term "globbing", also referred to as "glob matching" or "filepath expansion", is a programming concept that describes the process of using wildcards, referred to as "glob patterns" or "globs", for matching file paths or other similar sets of strings.

DotNet.Glob - A fast globbing library for .NET / .NETStandard applications. Outperforms Regex.

  •    CSharp

A fast (probably the fastest) globbing library for .NET. You can also use the GlobBuilder class if you wish to build up a glob using a fluent syntax. This is also more efficient as it avoids having to parse the glob from a string pattern.

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