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glamorous - 💄 Maintainable CSS with React

  •    Javascript

With the release of glamorous-primitives, now you can use glamorous with react-sketchapp to manage design systems and use React components for designs.You can find documentation and related examples here.

starhackit - StarHackIt: Preact/React Native/Node fullstack starter kit with authentication and authorisation, data backed by SQL

  •    Javascript

The frontend and the backend are two separate projects with their own set of dependencies. One can use the frontend with another existing backend, or use the backend with another frontend stack.

glamorous-native - React Native component styling solved💄

  •    Javascript

glamorous for React Native. React component styling solved with an elegant (inspired) API, small footprint, and great performance. For full feature documentation, see the glamorous docs. In React Native, we write styles within our JS, but you don't like having to create entire component functions just for styling purposes. You don't want to give a name to something that's purely style-related. And it's kind of annoying to do the StyleSheet.create, conditionals, and props-forwarding song and dance.

preact-glam - A tiny glamorous version for preact

  •    Javascript

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SIZE: Because preact-glam depends on glamor, you should consider the full size you'll be adding to your application if you don't already have glamor.This project uses node and npm. Go check them out if you don't have them locally installed.

glamorous-website - This is still a work in progress

  •    Javascript

This is the website for glamorous and is built with next and glamorous of course.See CONTRIBUTING.md.

design-system-utils - Design system framework for modern front-end projects

  •    Javascript

Maintaining styling consistency in a web app is always tough. This micro framework aims to standardise your design-system and provide helpful utilities to access it's information. Create your design system file, this contains all your global variables that your app will use, think font-sizes, color palette etc.

Blazorous - Maintainable CSS with Blazor

  •    CSharp

View the detailed docs at https://chanan.github.io/Blazorous/.

glamorous-jsxstyle - jsxstyle components generated with glamorous

  •    Javascript

This package exports the components from jsxstyle using glamorous. jsxstyle includes components corresponding to every potential value of the CSS display property.

lab-cli - Command line utilities and exporting module for Compositor Lab

  •    Javascript

Lab projects can be published in a way that allows them to be installed and imported into other Lab projects from the app. The Node API is used by the Lab app to export lab components to React and other formats.

react-native-css-in-js-benchmarks - CSS in JS Benchmarks for React Native

  •    Javascript

See RESULTS.md for the benchmark results. The idea and some code pieces are heavily inspired by A-gambit/CSS-IN-JS-Benchmarks, which benchmarks were made for React Web.

govuk-react - An implementation of the GOV.UK Design System in React using CSSinJS

  •    Javascript

An implementation of the GOV.UK Design System in React using CSSinJS using Object notation (with Emotion). The following projects (in priority order) are used as a guide for what components to implement and how they should look/behave. Where possible we are using the existing CSS as a guide, but often need to modify to suit custom markup. Also flexbox is preferred over floats.

babel-plugin-glamorous-displayname - A babel plugin for Glamorous displayNames 💄

  •    Javascript

You want to use glamorous, but you want to have a better experience with the DevTools (because you lose the automatic displayName magic that the react babel preset gives you). Adds the displayName to glamorous components.

glamorous-prop-styles - :lipstick: Easily create glamorous components that accept props to enable/disable styles

  •    Javascript

All credit for the idea and implementation of the propStyles function goes to Kent C. Dodds. View the original CodeSandbox. glamorous-prop-styles is licensed under the MIT License.

react-ts-sample - sample tech stack with react and typescript

  •    TypeScript

As a usecase here is an simple markdown writer implementation, to bring in an async scenario the user input is debounced.

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