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browser-extension - OctoLinker – Available on Chrome, Firefox and Opera

  •    Javascript

First of all, it's a browser extension. Once installed, it allows you to navigate through projects on GitHub.com efficiently.Most projects consist of many files and third party dependencies. Files are referencing other files and / or dependencies by language specific statements like include or require. Dependencies are most likely declared in a file called manifest e.g. package.json or Gemfile. The OctoLinker browser extensions makes these references clickable. No more copy and search.

refined-github - Browser extension that simplifies the GitHub interface and adds useful features

  •    Javascript

We use GitHub a lot and notice many dumb annoyances we'd like to fix. So here be dragons.Our hope is that GitHub will notice and implement some of these much needed improvements. So if you like any of these improvements, please email GitHub support about doing it.

github-changelog-generator - Automatically generate change log from your tags, issues, labels and pull requests on GitHub

  •    Ruby

Fully automated changelog generation - This gem generates a changelog file based on tags, issues and merged pull requests (and splits them into separate lists according to labels) from GitHub Issue Tracker. To make it easier for users and contributors to see precisely what notable changes have been made between each release (or version) of the project.

github-gmail - [Chrome extension] Open GitHub notifications with shortcuts in Gmail.

  •    Javascript

If you no longer want to receive notifications for a certain thread on GitHub, click the Mute thread button or using a shortcut shift + h, it will open a background window to load the mute thread request, and close itself when done. Install the extension via Chrome webstore.

OctoLinker - OctoLinker – Available on Chrome, Firefox and Opera

  •    Javascript

OctoLinker is a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera which allows you to navigate through code on GitHub more efficiently. It turns language-specific module-loading statements like include, require or import into links. Depending on the language it will either redirect you to the referenced file or to an external website like a manual page or another service.

githunt - Chrome Extension - Replace your new tab with trending Github repositories

  •    HTML

By default it is set to show the trending repositories from the current week plus the repositories belonging to every language shown. However, once you will apply some filter, it will remember your configuration and the next time you will open the new tab, you will be presented with the last filter that you applied. Github API has rate limit applied in their API and although the extension implements the caching in order to make sure that the rate limit may not be crossed, however I would recommend you to set the API token in the extension in order to increase the quota.

octohint - The missing IntelliSense hint for GitHub and GitLab

  •    TypeScript

Octohint is a browser extension which adds IntelliSense hint to GitHub and GitLab. Currently you could build it from source, see web extension section of contributing docs. Follow this guide to install it from local directory.

enhanced-github - :rocket: Chrome extension to display size of each file, download link and copy file contents directly to clipboard

  •    Javascript

Note: For private repos(Issue #6), Github Access Token is required. Follow the steps mentioned below to add your Github Access Token. Since this extension fetches data using Github public v3 API for showing file size and download_url, it consumes free quota which is very less Github API Rate Limiting.

github-custom-tab-size - Chrome extension - Set custom tab size for code view on GitHub.com

  •    Javascript

GitHub's default tab size is a whopping 8 spaces! This extension lets you set your own preference. The tab size setting is synced across all Chrome browsers you're logged into.Install it from the Chrome Web Store.

do-not-merge-wip-for-github - Do Not Merge WIP for GitHub

  •    Javascript

Copyright (c) 2014-2015 sanemat. Licensed under the MIT license.

render-whitespace-on-github - Are they tabs? Are they spaces? How many? Never wonder again!

  •    Javascript

Alternatively, you can install this as a userscript. To install as a userscript in Chrome, save the JavaScript file and drag it onto the chrome://extensions page.

github-timeline - :paperclip: Filter your Github timeline

  •    Javascript

Filter your Github timeline by pull requests, issues, stars ...

gnomehub - A Gnome 3 Shell extension that shows your favorite GitHub repos and their open pull requests on the top panel

  •    Javascript

A Gnome Shell extension that shows your favorite GitHub repositories and their open pull requests on the top panel. You can install GnomeHub directly from its page on extensions.gnome.org.

github-user-rank-extension - Your Github fame is getting closer with every open-source project you've built and promoted, with every new follower starring, using and forking your solution

  •    TypeScript

Install GitHub User Rank extension from Chrome Web Store or Mozilla Add-ons Store. Yet another small content script, based on gitlance.net data, it adds rankings straight to GitHub user profiles so you don't have to go anywhere anymore.

github-file-icons - 🍭 Chrome extension for displaying file icons on Github.

  •    Javascript

Chrome extension for displaying file icons on Github. Install the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

packagehub - An extension for displaying dependencies of projects on GitHub

  •    Javascript

Clicking the extension icon opens a popup where you can provide an API key from libraries.io that you can get from here. This API key allows the extension to make bulk requests instead of single ones which improves the experience greatly. Encountering projects with too many dependencies now works correctly. It is a little unpleasant, but getting an API key is worth it. npmhub is great, but why should npm have all the fun? I wanted to see if I could implement something similar while making it easy to add support for other package managers. Also, to make it more fun, I decided to accomplish this without any fancy libraries (jQuery) or apis (fetch). So, packagehub should have support for most browsers in use today.

yoda - GitHub extension for agile project management, using the issues subsystem.

  •    Javascript

Yoda is a lightweight extention to GitHub (Cloud or Enterprise) for supporting Agile Project Management using GitHub issues. Yoda was developed as an internal tool at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Open-Sourced using an MIT license in 2018. To get started with Yoda is easy. There is no need to download or install it separately as you can run Yoda straight off GitHub via the Yoda Landing Page.


  •    Javascript

Sometimes you watch projects you get interested in, your news feed may be affected by many comments, issues of others. This is a tiny extension for you to categorize your news feed. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Download from here.