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gibo - A shell script for easily accessing gitignore boilerplates

gibo (short for .gitignore boilerplates) is a shell script to help you easily access .gitignore boilerplates from github.com/github/gitignore. For additional usage instructions, run gibo without arguments.

git-open - Type `git open` to open the GitHub page or website for a repository in your browser.

Type git open to open the repo website (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket) in your browser. The preferred way of installation is to simply add the git-open script somewhere into your path (e.g. add the directory to your PATH environment or copy git-open into an existing included path like /usr/local/bin).

githug - Git your game on!

Githug is designed to give you a practical way of learning git. It has a series of levels, each requiring you to use git commands to arrive at a correct answer. Githug should work on Linux, OS X and Windows.

git-standup - Recall what you did on the last working day

Recall what you did on the last working day. Psst! or be nosy and find what someone else in your team did ;-)

git-secret - :busts_in_silhouette: A bash-tool to store your private data inside a git repository.

git-secret is a bash tool which stores private data inside a git repo. git-secret encrypts tracked files with public keys for users whom you trust using gpg, allowing permitted users to access encrypted data using their secret keys. With git-secret, changes to access rights are made easy and private-public key issues are handled for you. Passwords do not need to be changed with git-secret when someone's permission is revoked - just remove their key from the keychain using git secret killperson their@email.com, and re-encrypt the files, and they won't be able to decrypt secrets anymore. It also supports apt and yum. You can also use make if you want to. See the installation section for the details.

git-recent - See your latest local git branches, formatted real fancy

If you're a Windows user, you need to use Git Bash or similar shell in order to effectively use this utility. You can add the git-recent location to your path (e.g. add the directory to your PATH environment or copy git-recent into an existing included path like /usr/local/bin or ~/bin/).

git-fresh - :lemon: Keep your Git repo fresh.

Keep your repo fresh with one command. Copy the file git-fresh to usr\bin in your git installation directory. This usually is C:\Program Files\Git\usr\bin.

dotfiles - Let's be honest: mostly Emacs.

I hope you like fiddling with your .emacs.d ad nauseam, 'cause I obviously do. Clone this thing wherever you like (I use ~/.dotfiles), install GNU stow, and run the install.sh script. That'll set up a bunch of symlinks in your home directory, e.g., ~/.bashrc → ~/.dotfiles/bash/.bashrc.

git-extra-commands - A collection of useful extra git scripts I've discovered or written, packaged for ease of use with shell frameworks

A zsh plugin that packages some extra git helper scripts I've found. I only wrote a few of these scripts, and the ones I didn't each have whatever licensing is included in the file. This collection doesn't actually require ZSH, but packaging it as a ZSH plugin makes it more convenient for people using a ZSH framework to use this collection.

tmux-gitbar - Git in your tmux status bar

tmux-gitbar shows the status of your git working tree, right in tmux status bar.Customizable You can customize the content and the style of the Git status bar, this is all done in tmux-gitbar.conf, this file is auto-generated at first launch, in the installation directory.

dugite-native - A toolchain for building a portable, cross-platform Git for applications

Note: this is not intended to installed by end users - go here to download Git for your operating system.This project is under active development for Git-related projects at GitHub. This will stabilize as this library gets more usage in production.

hooks - GIT hooks

GIT hooks that I use, which is really only just one :) a poor-mans CI to ensure your master branch always passes.

git-ps1 - A simple command line prompt enhancer that shows the state of the current git repo (ps1)

A simple command line prompt enhancer that shows the state of the current git repo (ps1).If the health of your git repository is ok, git-ps1 will just show you the current branch. If the health is bad, git-ps1 will also show 👎 next to the branch.

topgit - TopGit is now maintained at

TopGit is now maintained at

git-update-ghpages - Simple tool to update GitHub pages

Uploads a directory to gh-pages. Perfect for use with Travis-CI deployments.You can use Travis to automatically deploy your static website to GitHub pages.

ochtra - One Commit Hook To Rule All

Phew : ) Now for .go files it won't typically be a huge problem as your Go project won't run with syntax errors in the first place. But what about making that quick documentation change and leaving a typo? What about that Bash file in your repository? ochtra has got you covered. As of Git 1.7 you can install ochtra as a git template.

gitrc - A bunch of shell scripts and files dedicated to my use of Git

In lieu of the core dotfiles growing large and me being a Git power user, I figured it made sense splitting it out into its own repository. This repository would include things like the core configuration, aliases and binaries that accelerate one's use of Git (or just mine).