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giscus - A comments system powered by GitHub Discussions

  •    Typescript

A comments system powered by GitHub Discussions. Let visitors leave comments and reactions on your website via GitHub. It is heavily inspired by utterances. It does not require database, all data is stored in GitHub Discussions. It is Extensively configurable and supports Custom themes, Multiple languages.

notiz - Frontend for notiz.dev. Built with Angular and Scully 👋

  •    TypeScript

*notiz.dev is created by Gary Großgarten and Marc Stammerjohann. We love to share our experiences and findings working with Angular, NestJS, Web Components and more. 👀 We are excited about the upcoming years of web development and hope to make some friends along the way. Visit localhost:1668 for the static content with Scully and localhost:1864 for the angular app without the static content.

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