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ShareX - Screen capture, file sharing and productivity tool

  •    CSharp

ShareX is a free and open source program that lets you capture or record any area of your screen and share it with a single press of a key. It also allows uploading images, text or other types of files to over 50 supported destinations you can choose from.

Peek - Simple animated GIF screen recorder with an easy to use interface

  •    Vala

Peek makes it easy to create short screencasts of a screen area. It was built for the specific use case of recording screen areas, e.g. for easily showing UI features of your own apps or for showing a bug in bug reports. With Peek, you simply place the Peek window over the area you want to record and press "Record". Peek is optimized for generating animated GIFs, but you can also directly record to WebM or MP4 if you prefer.

menyoki - Screen{shot,cast} and perform ImageOps on the command line 🌱 🏞️

  •    Rust

menyoki is a screencast and screenshot utility that can also perform various image related operations such as making/splitting GIFs and modifying/analyzing image files. It aims to be a lightweight command line tool for either helping out on day-to-day life operations or complicated detail-centric issues. Originally it was designed to record/screenshot terminal windows but it can be tweaked easily for other purposes with command line arguments, environment variables, or a configuration file. menyoki requires a window system implementation of the supported platform for record and capture actions. Other features are expected to work normally since they don't require a window system running (or grabbing a window to operate on). For example, despite the macOS is not listed as a supported platform, menyoki still can perform image operations such as edit and analyze if it's compiled on macOS.

byzanz-gui - Simple program to create animated GIFs on Linux

  •    Shell

Simple program to create animated GIFs on Linux. Clone this repository and add it to your PATH, or copy the byzanz-gui to a location in your PATH.

record-desktop - :movie_camera: Effortless GIFs and screenshots on Linux, built with Electron.

  •    Javascript

Record gifs and take screenshots on linux, built with electron. Tested on Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 16.04 in unity and awesome-wm environments.

dot-screencap - A screencapturing library

  •    CSharp

Clone this repository and build the solution. Add a reference to the built DotScreencap.dll in your solution.

ImgurSniper - :camera: A quick and easy Image, Screenshot and Screen recording sharing tool

  •    CSharp

ImgurSniper was a project I initially created as my first "real" C# project while still in school. I had lots of fun developing it, but obviously made some messes in the codebase such as in-efficiency, bugs, and inconsistent styling conventions. I learned a lot from this project, and want to thank everyone of you who downloaded it, starred it and created issues in here. I'm now archiving this repository, as I have no interest in maintaining the codebase, and honestly a full rewrite with my knowledge now would be a way better decision anyways. It still works on my machine but if it doesn't work on yours then I'm afraid I can't help you. Try ShareX. Check out my other repositories for some other possibly interesting projects. PS: ImgurSniper is also in the 2020 GitHub Archive Program, pretty cool to think there's some floppy disk out there containing buggy C# code.

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