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Peek - Simple animated GIF screen recorder with an easy to use interface

Peek makes it easy to create short screencasts of a screen area. It was built for the specific use case of recording screen areas, e.g. for easily showing UI features of your own apps or for showing a bug in bug reports. With Peek, you simply place the Peek window over the area you want to record and press "Record". Peek is optimized for generating animated GIFs, but you can also directly record to WebM or MP4 if you prefer.

byzanz-gui - Simple program to create animated GIFs on Linux

Simple program to create animated GIFs on Linux. Clone this repository and add it to your PATH, or copy the byzanz-gui to a location in your PATH.

record-desktop - :movie_camera: Effortless GIFs and screenshots on Linux, built with Electron.

Record gifs and take screenshots on linux, built with electron. Tested on Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 16.04 in unity and awesome-wm environments.

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