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gh-api-stream - streams JSON content from a GitHub API

  •    Javascript

Streams paginated JSON from a GitHub API.For a non-streamed and browser-friendly alternative, see gh-api.

clinton - Project style linter

  •    Javascript

Instead of passing the rules as an option, you can also add them to your package.json file.Project path.

dev-time - Get the current local time of a GitHub user.

  •    Javascript

Get the current local time of a GitHub user.The GitHub user to retrieve the current local time for.

ghpages - quick script which deploys to gh-pages branch

  •    Shell

A small, personalized shell script which switches to gh-pages branch, runs npm run build, commits and pushes the new changes, and then switches back to your previous branch.This will check out gh-pages branch (creating it if necessary), merge master into it, npm run build, then commit and push the new build and switch back to master.

ghrepo - :octocat: create a new GitHub repo from your current folder

  •    Javascript

Creates a new GitHub repository from your current folder, and then runs the initial git commands to commit and push the contents. If the folder has a package.json it will pull the repo's description, name and homepage from that.The example below pushes the contents of my-module to a new GitHub repository with the specified commit message. On first run, it will prompt for authentication.

gh-got - Convenience wrapper for `got` to interact with the GitHub API

  •    Javascript

Same as got (including the stream API and aliases), but with some additional options below.Errors are improved by using the custom GitHub error messages. Doesn't apply to the stream API.

gh-home - Open the GitHub page of the given or current directory repo

  •    Javascript

It will attempt to open the upstream repo if there is one or the forked repo.Add alias gh=gh-home to your .zshrc/.bashrc, so that you can run it with $ gh instead.

gh-user - Get user info from a GitHub username

  •    Javascript

GitHub username.GitHub personal access token.

github-username - Get a GitHub username from an email address

  •    Javascript

Returns a Promise for the username.Email address for the user of whom you want the username.

github-username-cli - Get a GitHub username from an email address

  •    Javascript

Only works for users that have their email publicly listed on their profile.

schlump - 🚂 A static site generator utilizing React.js

  •    Javascript

A static site generator utilizing reactjs. schlump generates html and copies your static resources into a give folder structure. Aftewards the generated html is validated for consistency.

gh-clone - git clone a repo with only username/repo

  •    Javascript

git clone a repo with only username/repo, or if it's an NPM package you can use just the name of the project. Please consider following this project's author, Jon Schlinkert, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.

git-repo-name - Get the repository name from the git remote origin URL

  •    Javascript

Get the repository name from the git remote origin URL. By default process.cwd() is used, but you can alternatively specify a different directory as the first argument.

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