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geo - S2 geometry library in Go

  •    Go

This is a library for manipulating geometric shapes. Unlike many geometry libraries, S2 is primarily designed to work with spherical geometry, i.e., shapes drawn on a sphere rather than on a planar 2D map. (In fact, the name S2 is derived from the mathematical notation for the unit sphere.) This makes it especially suitable for working with geographic data.Basic representations of angles, intervals, latitude-longitude points, unit 3D vectors, and conversions among them.

JCSG - Java implementation of BSP based CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry)

  •    Java

Java implementation of BSP based CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry). It is the only simple and free Java implementation I am aware of. This implementation uses an optimized CSG algorithm based on csg.js (see CSG and Node classes). Thanks to the author for creating the csg.js library. JCSG on stackoverflow.

glm - jvm glm

  •    Kotlin

This is the Kotlin port of OpenGL Mathematics (GLM), written by g-truc (repository), a header only C++ mathematics library for graphics software based on the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) specifications. GLM provides classes and functions designed and implemented with the same naming conventions and functionality than GLSL so that anyone who knows GLSL, can use GLM as well in Kotlin and Java.

geoml - A 2d geometry library for ocaml

  •    OCaml

GeoML is currently still in developpement, and have not been tested -nor proved, nor model-checked nor analyzed ... but you know what we say about well typed program ;) -. Thereby, you might find some weird behaviors or failures. Feel free to let us know or report an issue about it. The modules Point, Line, Rectangle, Vector, Triangle, Segment, Circle are pretty much usable (bug free?) while the Polygon, Polyhedron, Curve, Ellipse, Shape ... modules are not quite ready to be used and you should not rely on the code in it. You are also welcome to contact any member of the developpement team if you want to suggest a feature you think it may be cool to have in GeoML.

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