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app-privacy-policy-generator - Simple web app to generate a generic privacy policy for apps

  •    HTML

I welcome and encourage all pull requests. It usually will take me within 24-48 hours to respond to any issue or request. This project was created by Nishant Srivastava but hopefully developed and maintained by many others. See the the list of contributors here.

generator-alfresco - A Yeomen generator based on the Alfresco all-in-one Maven archetype with some generators and an opinionated project structure

  •    Javascript

Alfresco is an open-source content management application. This project provides some tools for setting up and working with Alfresco extension/enhancement projects. It wraps and extends the Alfresco SDK and specifically the All in One maven archetype. Yeoman is a command line tool that helps you to automate coding tasks. Out of the box, Yeoman doesn't do very much. It relies on a library of thousands of generators to actually perform the coding tasks for you.


  •    Javascript

This module contains the default themes of TypeDoc. Visit http://typedoc.org/ to learn more about TypeDoc. Copyright (c) 2015 Sebastian Lenz. Licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

archie - NOTE: This was made before Yeoman came out

  •    CoffeeScript

archie is a simple archetype system for Node.js. archie takes an archetype (essentially a folder), filters the files by replacing variables with specified values, and puts it in a new folder. This module was greatly inspired by Apache Maven. If you do anything on the JVM, check it out. It's holy.

raml-generator - Generate files from a RAML document and Handlebars templates

  •    RAML

Generate files from a RAML document and templates. The module accepts a map of functions (usually compiled templates, such as Handlebars), and returns a function that will generate files given an instance of the RAML 1 parser JSON.

raml-client-generator - Template-driven generator of clients for APIs described by a RAML spec

  •    Javascript

Template-driven generator of clients for APIs described by RAML. To generate an API client, point the command to your base RAML file and specify the output directory and language.

generator-mario - Generator for Backbone/Marionette applications with lots of bells and whistles to help keep a non-trivial sized application moving forward at a breakneck pace!

  •    Javascript

Mario is a Marionette Yeoman generator for non-trivial Web applications. In order to install and use this generator there are several requirements you need to meet. This is a yeoman generator therefore you'll need yeoman. Yeoman runs on NodeJS therefore you'll need to install node (version 0.12 or above) and npm (version 2.0 or above).

kulfon - :japanese_ogre: :frog: Fast and simple static site generator written in JavaScript (α) :boom:

  •    Javascript

Kulfon is a « one command », static site generator written entirely in JavaScript. It's fast, modern and simple. This software is still under active development and not feature complete or ready for consumption by anyone other than software developers.

raml-php-generator - Generate a PHP API client from RAML

  •    TypeScript

Generate a PHP API client from RAML. This module depends on raml-generator and can be used globally or locally with JavaScript.

Konfigurator - A kubernetes operator that dynamically generates and manages app configuration based on kubernetes resources – [✩Star] if you're using it!

  •    Go

Dynamically generating app configuration when kubernetes resources change. You can deploy the CRD and operator on your kubernetes cluster via any of the following methods.

gk - Go-Kit Genetator

  •    Go

Go-kit generator is a cli application that generates boilerplate code for your go-kit services. Because I'm lazy, and because it would make it easier for go-kit newcomers to start using it.

cyto - A declarative boilerplate generator

  •    Javascript

A declarative boilerplate generator designed to help you write less meaningless code. The cyto-core package can be used in a node.js app as a standalone library, but this feature is currently untested and the API is still not entirely stable. This will be updated when the functionality is fully supported.

reactuate-events - Reactuate Events: async/wait helping with React components workflow

  •    Javascript

Reactuate Events is an answer to maintaining complex single-component UX workflows in React that do not exactly fit into the Flux architecture as they don't belong to the global state of the application and should be rather kept inside of the component. Most common examples of that would be generic components such as complex table navigators, forms with complex validation and verification workflows. Traditional answer to this is to use callbacks that modify the state to reflect where the user is at and what should be rendered to him. The problem with this approach is that different pieces of the workflow become disconnected. Not only it's hard to comprehend such code, it is also difficult to maintain it because of the complexity of servicing all potential scenarios.

autograf - [ON HOLD] Another way for building Grafana dashboards.


Work in progress! If you looking for grafana and client libraries you will find them at sdk. Grafana is flexible and usable for exploring and visualizing data. But UI of Grafana is not very suitable for repetitive operations with large number of objects on multiple dashboards. Aim of Autograf project is help with maintaining a large set of dashboards and datasources in an automated way. Autograf will not try to be a replacement for native Grafana methods of automation (templating variables, repeatable panels and scripted dashboards) but it complement them with own way. But I think DSL with a plain blocks of text without complex nesting will good for representing Grafana board-row-panel concept.

sdk - Library for using Grafana' structures in Go programs and client for Grafana REST API.

  •    Go

SDK for Go language offers a library for interacting with Grafana server from Go applications. It realizes many of HTTP REST API calls for administration, client, organizations. Beside of them it allows creating of Grafana objects (dashboards, panels, datasources) locally and manipulating them for constructing dashboards programmatically. It would be helpful for massive operations on a large set of dashboards for example. It was made foremost for autograf project but later separated from it and moved to this new repository because the library is useful per se.

generator-easy-ui5 - Generator for OpenUI5-based web-apps which use the official UI5 tooling and support deployment targets such as the SAP Cloud Platform

  •    Javascript

Easy-ui5 is a Yeoman generator which enables you to create simple OpenUI5-based web-apps within seconds. This generator has been created to simplify the creation of your OpenUI5 prototypes. Now you can scaffold simple UI5 projects from the shell/terminal of your choice. The current best practices (such as async) are already baked into our templates so you don't have to worry about the definition of the metadata files.

generator-kodi-addon - Yeoman generator for the most common Kodi addon types.

  •    Javascript

Creates the basic structure for a kodi script, written in python. First, install Yeoman and generator-kodi-addon using npm (we assume you have pre-installed node.js).

naminglanguage - Naming language generator

  •    Go

This is a library for generating naming languages. Besides the library, it also offers a command line utility namegen for generating names from a naming language and returning them to STDOUT.