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Telosys - The simplest and lightest code generator

  •    Java

Telosys is the best developer companion. It generates all the plumbing and repetitive code. It boosts the project kick-off saving many days of development. "Telosys studio" is provided as an Eclipse plugin, it allows to set up models, edit templates and generate the code. "Telosys CLI" can be used to launch generation tasks from the command line.

Downline Commision Generator


Analyze the compensations plan of the organizations in multi-level marketing or network marketing. Check with this tool the commision plan of the company who build downline.

awesome-generator - Generate awesome list over Github API

  •    Go

Generate awesome list for any language over Github search API. Generated awesome lists: generated-awesomeness.

orbital - Generate off-chain data for Möbius contracts

  •    Go

Orbital is a command-line tool to generate off-chain data required by Möbius, a smart contract that offers trustless tumbling for transaction privacy. A version of Go >= 1.8 is required. The dep tool is used for dependency management.

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