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  •    CSharp

DataLite is a DAO generator to sqlite using nvelocity. Generate test with Unitest. You can use in small proyect or for learning.


  •    DotNet

HyperStat is the minimalist's static website compiler, designed with simplicity and usability in mind. Written in C#.NET for Windows, OS X and Linux.

CreaMotion NHibernate Class Builder


NHibernate Class Builder C# , WPF Supports all type relations Supports MsSql, MySql -- Specially developed for NHibernate Learners

Hierarchical State Machine Compiler

  •    Java

This projects helps you to easily create and generate hierarchical state machine in .NET. States, transitions, conditions, action, states inheritance

MOSS Feature Generator


The MOSS Feature Generator generates features out of existing functionalities on a MOSS 2007 site. This includes Site Columns, Content Types and ListTemplates (including schema.xml and forms). The tool will be expanded in two ways: a build tree will be created to make it possi...


  •    CSharp

Use C# code as template to generate C# code Compiles to VSIX file for Visual Studio 2010 uses: BaseCustomToolGenerator to integrate into VS2010 AppDomain to run code in another domain without locking .dll file CSharpCodeProvider to compile C# code during custom tool execution


  •    CSharp

PInvoke OpenGL in managed code. Generate classes from official spec at http://www.opengl.org/registry/.

Random Password Generator


It is an attempt to develop .NET library to generate random password with no duplication od desired Minimum & Maximum length

mixtape - Model, Data Store, Data Transfer Object and REST API Controller Library for WordPress

  •    PHP

Mixtape is meant to be used with a unique custom class prefix per project. There is a script for creating a new project with a custom prefix. You can run it like so. You will need Python 3 and pip (for installing dependencies).