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Rowy - Open-source Airtable-like experience for your database (Firestore) with GCP's scalability

  •    Typescript

Manage Firestore data in a spreadsheet-like UI, write Cloud Functions effortlessly in the browser, and connect to your favorite third party platforms such as SendGrid, Twilio, Algolia, Slack and more. It supports CRUD operations, Sort and filter by row values, Lock, Freeze, Resize, Hide and Rename columns, Multiple views for the same collection, Bulk import or export data - csv, json.

cloud-functions-go - Unofficial Native Go Runtime for Google Cloud Functions

  •    Go

This repository has been archived and is no longer maintained. Disclaimer: This is not an official Google product. It is not and will not be maintained by Google, and is not part of Google Cloud Functions project. There is no guarantee of any kind, including that it will work or continue to work, or that it will supported in any way.

denyenv-validating-admission-webhook - An Kubernetes validating admission webhook that rejects pods that use environment variables

  •    Javascript

Kubernetes is a platform for running and managing application containers and has slowly evolved into a platform for building platforms, largely thanks to its extensible API. Kubernetes has many extension points including extensions that enable you to define custom resource types, cloud provider and container runtime integrations. Another, less well known, set of extension points are the admission controllers. An admission controller is a piece of code that intercepts requests to the Kubernetes API prior to persistence of the object, but after the request is authenticated and authorized. Most admission controllers are built into Kubernetes and cover a range of functionality.

knative-demos - Collection of Knative demos

  •    Shell

This repository contains a collection of demos used in the different Knative technical sessions (e.g. One platform for your functions, apps, and containers). For list of official Knative samples see the docs repository. To run these samples you need to follow Knative install steps and post-install cluster configuration instructions for both assigning a static IP and setting up a custom domain.

gcp-cloud-functions-typescript-starter - Google (Cloud Platform) Cloud Functions TypeScript starter project

  •    TypeScript

If you prefer command-line interface instead of Visual Studio Code than use the next commands to build project. If you prefer command-line interface instead of Visual Studio Code than use the next commands to deploy project.

datashare-toolkit - DIY commercial datasets on Google Cloud Platform

  •    Javascript

This is not an officially supported Google product. The Datashare Toolkit is a solution for data publishers to easily manage datasets residing within BigQuery. The toolkit includes functionality to ingest and entitle data, relieving consumers from much of the toil involved in onboarding datasets from a variety of providers. Publishers upload data files to a storage bucket and allocate permissioned datasets for their consumers to use with BigQuery authorized views.

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