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memoizee - Complete memoize/cache solution for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Originally derived from es5-ext package. memoize name was already taken, therefore project is published as memoizee on NPM.

nhttpsnoop - Trace Node.js HTTP server activity

  •    Shell

See below for the list of columns available.Finally, you can select individual processes to trace using -p, also like ps(1).

node-native-metrics - Optional native module for collecting low-level Node & V8 metrics

  •    C++

This module provides hooks into the native layer of Node to provide metrics for the New Relic Node Agent. It gathers information that isn't available at the JS layer about the V8 virtual machine and the process health. It comes packaged with the New Relic Agent v2, and there is nothing that needs to be done. For Agent v1 you need only to install the module alongside newrelic.Note that this is a native module and thus must be compiled to function. Pre-built binaries are provided for Linux servers running supported versions of Node. If you are not using Linux or not using a supported version of Node, you will need to have a compiler installed on the machine where this is to be deployed. See node-gyp for more information on compiling native addons.

node-idle-gc - Run the V8 GC when node.js is idle.

  •    C++

This module runs the garbage collector at times when node.js is otherwise idle. It is a replacement for the built-in functionality that is scheduled for removal in node.js v0.10.

mutant - Create observables and map them to DOM elements

  •    Javascript

Create observables and map them to DOM elements. Massively inspired by hyperscript and observ-*. No virtual DOM, just direct observable bindings. Unnecessary garbage collection is avoided by using mutable objects instead of blasting immutable junk all over the place.

stats - 📊 Collect stats about your node.js process 📊

  •    Javascript

Collect stats about your node.js process. This module exports a function which instantiates an event emitter which emits a single event, stats. This event emitter has two functions which can be used to start and stop probing for statistics, start() and stop(). Listen to the stats event to get useful process statistics.

stats-to-elasticsearch - Collect and send stats about your node.js process to elasticsearch. 📊🔌📈

  •    Javascript

Collect and send stats about your node.js process to elasticsearch. This module exposes a function which initialises a connection to elasticsearch and creates a stats event emitter to gather useful in process stats to be sent via the connection.

WeakMap - Shim for WeakMap with non-leaky O(1) lookup time

  •    Javascript

This is a standalone shim for WeakMap, separated out from the full Harmony Collections shim at https://github.com/Benvie/harmony-collections. WeakMap is by far the most useful new addition. If you only need to use objects as keys then uou can use this much more compact library that doesn't have to implement three other classes. Works with IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, untested in Opera.

libpicrin - Super Tiny Scheme Interpreter for Freestanding Environment

  •    C

libpicrin is a super tiny scheme interpreter intended to be embedded in other applications such as game engine and network server. It provides a subset language of R7RS with several useful extensions. By default, libpicrin only contains some C files and headers and this README file. To embed, you only need to copy the files into the project and add include dir to the include path. Originally, libpicrin used to be the core component of Picrin Scheme. They are currently maintained at separate repositories.

scope-chains-closures - Javascript Scope Chains And Closures Workshop

  •    Javascript

Select the first lesson using arrow keys, then press , and follow the prompts. This workshop was originally created for CampJS V - a weekend long unconference in Melbourne, Australia.

node-prometheus-gc-stats - Report Garbage Collection stats using Prometheus

  •    Javascript

This module has a peer dependency on prom-client. Currently, 10 is supported. This module follows the same API as the core default metrics. To start collection GC stats, invoke the exported function to create the metrics, then invoke the returned function to start the collecting.

gcterm - Visualizing Golang GC trace data in the terminal

  •    Go

Currently, only applications built with Go 1.6 and Go 1.7 are supported.

es6-weak-map - WeakMap collection as specified in ECMAScript6

  •    Javascript

Roughly inspired by Mark Miller's and Kris Kowal's WeakMap implementation.

gcutil - Garbage collector for Escargot

  •    C

Based on 'Boehm-Demers-Weiser Garbage Collector'. ...

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