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mraa - Linux Library for low speed IO Communication in C with bindings for C++, Python, Node

  •    C

Libmraa is a C/C++ library with bindings to Java, Python and JavaScript to interface with the IO on Galileo, Edison & other platforms, with a structured and sane API where port names/numbering matches the board that you are on. Use of libmraa does not tie you to specific hardware with board detection done at runtime you can create portable code that will work across the supported platforms. The intent is to make it easier for developers and sensor manufacturers to map their sensors & actuators on top of supported hardware and to allow control of low level communication protocol by high level languages & constructs.

gnss-sdr - GNSS-SDR, an open source GNSS software defined receiver

  •    C++

Visit gnss-sdr.org for more information about this open source GNSS software defined receiver. If you have questions about GNSS-SDR, please subscribe to the gnss-sdr-developers mailing list and post your questions there.

cylon-intel-iot - Cylon adaptors for the Intel Edison & Galileo

  •    Javascript

Cylon.js (http://cylonjs.com) is a JavaScript framework for robotics, physical computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT).Want to use the Go programming language to power your robots? Check out our sister project Gobot (http://gobot.io).

galileo-io - Intel Galileo & Intel Edison IO Plugin for Johnny-Five

  •    Javascript

But keep in mind that these modules only delegate directly back to this module.This module is intended for use as an IO-Plugin for Johnny-Five.

imp-io - Electric Imp IO Plugin for Johnny-Five

  •    Javascript

To communicate with an Electric Imp using Johnny-Five w/ Imp-IO, you will need to upload the special Tyrion agent and device firmware through Electric Imp's IDE. We recommend you review Electric Imp's Getting Started before continuing.

node-red-contrib-upm - Node-RED nodes for communicating to sensors and actuators supported by the UPM library for multiple platforms

  •    HTML

Run the following command in the root directory of your Node-RED install, usually this is ~/.node-red . Only tested on the Intel Edison so far, but it should work on other platforms supported by MRAA and UPM.