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GAC Assembly Exporter

  •    Assembly

This app enumerates the assemblies in the GAC, and then allows you to select and export the selected assemblies to a selected directory.

WMI Provider for GAC'ed Assemblies


This provider help the to read GAC information from remote machine using WMI in the background. Once deployed and install the data can be queried using WMI from PowerShell, Automation Scripts like javascript/VB and from 3G languages like .NET.

Global Assembly Cache comparison tool

  •    Assembly

The Global Assembly Cache comparison tool allows you to compare the GAC's of two (or more) different machines to view the differences. It helps with making sure the machines are set up similarly.

Win GAC - A graphical tool for installing .NET Assemblies to GAC


WinGac is a graphical tool which allows to easily install multiple managed assemblies to .NET Global Assembly Cache. It's a gui for the GACUtil.exe command line tool (from .NET Framework).

PowerShell GAC

  •    CSharp

PowerShell GAC provides several PowerShell commands to view and modify the Global Assembly Cache (GAC).

Copy to GAC

  •    Assembly

A small Visual Studio 2010 Add-in that enables you to copy your compiled class libraries in the global assembly cache from within the visual studio context menu

Remote Gacutil (Remote GAC Manager)


A tool that manages a remote computer's GAC even if it has no gacutil. (Remote GAC Manager)

Simple Password Generator Library

  •    DotNet

The password generator library, written in C#, is a simple assembly which allow generation of passwords with length anywhere from 1-99.