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fair-analytics - 📊 An analytics server that doesn't undermine user's privacy

  •    Javascript

Google Analytics is the de-facto standard in the web and mobile analytics service world.Inspired by an interesting article from @staltz, and from the awesome work done by the micro-analytics team, I decided to start working on a Google Analytics alternative.

redux-segment - Segment.io analytics integration for redux.

  •    Javascript

Segment.io analytics integration for redux. ✝ Recommended router. You can also trigger page views manually.

ganalytics - A tiny (400B) client-side module for tracking with Google Analytics

  •    Javascript

Anonymize the sender's IP address. See Anonymize IP. Specifies the application's name. See Application Name.

fair-analytics-client-api - The Fair Analytics client API

  •    Javascript

This project uses node and npm. Go check them out if you don't have them locally installed.You can find the library on window.fairAnalytics.

gatographite - Fetch metrics from Google Analytics and send them to Graphite

  •    Javascript

Fetch your Google Analytics data and send it to Graphite, massive love to https://github.com/etsy/GoogleAnalyticsToGraphite for inspiration. You can either feed the script with params (check cli.js, I'll add docs later) or add your values to the export.sh file and source it, then all values are fetched from the environment variables.

usage-stats - A minimal Google Analytics Measurement Protocol client for tracking statistics in shell and javascript applications

  •    Javascript

A minimal, offline-friendly Google Analytics Measurement Protocol client for tracking usage statistics in shell and javascript applications. This is a low-level API client, it doesn't hold any opinion of how usage tracking should be done. If you're looking for a convention which leverages the power and flexibility of Custom Metrics and Dimensions, take a look at app-usage-stats. For the command line client see usage-stats-cli.

next-ga - Next.js HOC to integrate Google Analytics on every page change

  •    Javascript

Next.js High Order Component to integrate Google Analytics on every page change. That's it, now when the user access a page it will log a pageview to Google Analytics, each page change after that will also trigger a pageview on Google Analytics.

ga-api - Google Analytics API access

  •    Javascript

Google Analytics API access, with automated concurrency limiting and optional request caching. The args must also include the Authentication information from above, ie: clientId, email, key and ids.

springload-analytics.js - Google Analytics event tracking helper

  •    Javascript

Google Analytics event tracking module with support for both classic and universal analytics code. Just add a data-analytics attribute to a container with links you want to track. Every link in that container will be tracked using the default category (uri), default action (click), default label (href), and default value (undefined).

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