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fund - Fund是一个方便在终端环境下追踪基金趋势的小工具

  •    Javascript


xxb - 播报"xx宝"收益的命令行工具 - A commandline-tool to check the fund income

  •    Javascript

Just run xxb , you will get the pretty table. Configuration options are set in the ~/.xxb file. If xxb cannot find an user defined configuration file in the home directory, the bundled config.json used instead.

LibreSelery - Continuous distribution of funding to your project contributors and dependencies

  •    Python

We just launched! 🎉 Please read our pitch slides or introductory blog post. LibreSelery is a command line tool to distribute funding in free and open source projects. With a new funding model, it offers transparent, automated and adaptable compensation of contributors. The aim is to replace the middleman in donation distribution as far as possible with a free and transparent algorithm. Unlike most other donation systems LibreSelery only offers a decentralized tool and not a platform.

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