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generator-angular-fullstack - Yeoman generator for AngularJS with an Express server

  •    Javascript

Yeoman generator for creating MEAN/SEAN stack applications, using ES6, MongoDB/SQL, Express, AngularJS, and Node - lets you quickly set up a project following best practices.Please note: If you run into trouble compiling native add-ons during the installation, follow node-gyp's short guide on required compilation tools.

mongodb-backup-manager - 🌿 A Full-stack MongoDB Backup System.

  •    Javascript

MDBBM use a MongoDB to store all the backup data, you can either connect MDBBM to your local database or remote database. If you haven't install MongoDB in your local environment please follow the guidlines in MongoDB to download and install it.

mevn-stack - A Quickstart for building an Express API with a VueJS Admin Portal

  •    Vue

This project is intended to be used as a quickstarter for building a Mongo Express VueJS Node stack. This is similar to a MEAN stack, except Angular has been swapped out for a VueJS single page application rendered on the client side. This is also the code used in the second VueJS training at the UW-Parkside App Factory.

clementinejs-fcc - A version of the Clementine

  •    Javascript

Clementine.js is a lightweight boilerplate for fullstack JavaScript development which utilizes MongoDB, Express and Node.js. The boilerplate errs on the side of transparency and simplicity, making it an ideal starting point for beginner and seasoned developers alike. The Free Code Camp version of Clementine.js is meant for use when completing projects as part of the FCC curriculum. This version includes GitHub authentication using Passport.