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monica - Personal CRM. Remember everything about your friends and family.

  •    PHP

Monica is a great open source personal relationship management system. We also have official open source mobile apps but they are extremely basic at this point and not well maintained.



Rotifier is a small application which will notify you of new messages and friend requests after a selected period of time.

wsend - wsend: The opposite of wget

  •    Shell

wsend is a Command Line Tool (CLI) for sending files. It's open-source and easy to use. We've designed wsend to be suitable for command line beginners and well seasoned users alike. wsend uses wsend.net for backend file handling.

wsend-gpg - Encrypted end to end file transfer

  •    Shell

We wanted to make end to end encryption as simple as possible using standard tools. wsend-gpg is a very simple 5 line script to get this done. wsend-gpg requires wsend and gpg.

facebook-profile-scraper - Scrape your friends' Facebook photos

  •    Ruby

Scrape your friends' Facebook photos. The local tmp directory will contain album photos.

mongoose-friends - 2-way friendship relationship plugin for Mongoose ODM

  •    Javascript

Easily add "friendships" to your Mongoose user Model through a simple plugin. The friendships are stored in a sub-document array on the model doc without the need for a separate collection. The two users now share a friendship, with different statuses: "requested" and "pending", respectively.

Glitch-Community - The glitch.com community site, glitch.com/~community

  •    Javascript

Discover new reasons to code, remix cool and helpful projects made with Glitch. Philosophically, a little bit Youtube, some Spotify, with a sprinkle of app store.

nodebb-plugin-friends - Friendship plugin ala facebook

  •    Javascript

Replaces the default follow mechanic (ala Twitter) with a moderated friending system which allows users to approve/deny friend requests.

grouptabs - Mobile Web App to organize payments in dynamic groups of people.

  •    Javascript

Grouptabs lets you track shared expenses in a group of friends in a fun way. It is an offline-capable installable web app, currently with a mobile (small screens) focus.

SplitMe - Split expenses with friends.

  •    Javascript

Use SplitMe to share group bills and make sure that everyone gets paid back. Split household bills with roommates, figure out costs for a group trip, remember when a friend spots you for lunch. Use the FSA standard.

bitmoji-slack-commands - The best bitmoji commands to use in slack with your friends, and colleagues


yes, i have been collecting these throughout my work days. to see the joint bitmoji just type /bitmoji @username command. HOT TIP you can also @yourself.

friends-cli - :computer: P2P chat powered by webrtc in a terminal

  •    Javascript

See our site. Friends currently uses your git and github configuration for authentication.

friends-irc - :left_right_arrow: A bridge between IRC and Friends channels.

  •    Javascript

Connects IRC and Friends channels by sending messages back and forth. Based on slack-irc. Use the newest version of io.js and npm (>= 1.8.1, >= 2.8.3) and follow the prerequisite steps for node-webrtc before continuing.

friends-swarm - :bee: a webrtc-swarm with friends

  •    Javascript

Contributions welcome! Please read the contributing guidelines first.

peerbot - :radio: Message seeding utility for friends P2P chat.

  •    Javascript

Message seeding utility for friends p2p chat. Run this on a server to ensure that there will always be a peer available to connect to for a given channel on friends.

meteor-socialize-demo - A demonstration of Socialize packages for Meteor

  •    Javascript

Welcome to the SocializeJs Demo. Here you'll find a Facebook style social network implemented using the packages in the socialize package set. This demo costs me money to keep running, and the 17+ packages in the Socialize set represent a considerable time commitment to keep updated for both Meteor and React Native. More packages and more awesome features are planned which will only add to this commitment. With that in mind, if you find this demo or any of the packages useful, please consider keeping development rolling with a small monetary contribution.

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