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monica - Personal CRM. Remember everything about your friends and family.

  •    PHP

Monica is a great open source personal relationship management system. We also have official open source mobile apps but they are extremely basic at this point and not well maintained.



Rotifier is a small application which will notify you of new messages and friend requests after a selected period of time.

wsend - wsend: The opposite of wget

  •    Shell

wsend is a Command Line Tool (CLI) for sending files. It's open-source and easy to use. We've designed wsend to be suitable for command line beginners and well seasoned users alike. wsend uses wsend.net for backend file handling.

wsend-gpg - Encrypted end to end file transfer

  •    Shell

We wanted to make end to end encryption as simple as possible using standard tools. wsend-gpg is a very simple 5 line script to get this done. wsend-gpg requires wsend and gpg.

facebook-profile-scraper - Scrape your friends' Facebook photos

  •    Ruby

Scrape your friends' Facebook photos. The local tmp directory will contain album photos.

mongoose-friends - 2-way friendship relationship plugin for Mongoose ODM

  •    Javascript

Easily add "friendships" to your Mongoose user Model through a simple plugin. The friendships are stored in a sub-document array on the model doc without the need for a separate collection. The two users now share a friendship, with different statuses: "requested" and "pending", respectively.

Glitch-Community - The glitch.com community site, glitch.com/~community

  •    Javascript

Discover new reasons to code, remix cool and helpful projects made with Glitch. Philosophically, a little bit Youtube, some Spotify, with a sprinkle of app store.

nodebb-plugin-friends - Friendship plugin ala facebook

  •    Javascript

Replaces the default follow mechanic (ala Twitter) with a moderated friending system which allows users to approve/deny friend requests.

grouptabs - Mobile Web App to organize payments in dynamic groups of people.

  •    Javascript

Grouptabs lets you track shared expenses in a group of friends in a fun way. It is an offline-capable installable web app, currently with a mobile (small screens) focus.

SplitMe - Split expenses with friends.

  •    Javascript

Use SplitMe to share group bills and make sure that everyone gets paid back. Split household bills with roommates, figure out costs for a group trip, remember when a friend spots you for lunch. Use the FSA standard.

bitmoji-slack-commands - The best bitmoji commands to use in slack with your friends, and colleagues


yes, i have been collecting these throughout my work days. to see the joint bitmoji just type /bitmoji @username command. HOT TIP you can also @yourself.

friends-cli - :computer: P2P chat powered by webrtc in a terminal

  •    Javascript

See our site. Friends currently uses your git and github configuration for authentication.

friends-irc - :left_right_arrow: A bridge between IRC and Friends channels.

  •    Javascript

Connects IRC and Friends channels by sending messages back and forth. Based on slack-irc. Use the newest version of io.js and npm (>= 1.8.1, >= 2.8.3) and follow the prerequisite steps for node-webrtc before continuing.

friends-swarm - :bee: a webrtc-swarm with friends

  •    Javascript

Contributions welcome! Please read the contributing guidelines first.

peerbot - :radio: Message seeding utility for friends P2P chat.

  •    Javascript

Message seeding utility for friends p2p chat. Run this on a server to ensure that there will always be a peer available to connect to for a given channel on friends.