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Agenda - Lightweight job scheduling for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Agenda is a light-weight job scheduling library for Node.js. It aims to keep its code base small. It is backed by Mongo backed persistence layer. It supports scheduling with configurable priority, concurrency, repeating and persistence of job results, Scheduling via cron or human readable syntax, Event backed job queue that you can hook into.

auto-cpufreq - Automatic CPU speed & power optimizer for Linux

  •    Python

Automatic CPU speed & power optimizer for Linux based on active monitoring of laptop's battery state, CPU usage, CPU temperature and system load. Ultimately allowing you to improve battery life without making any compromises. One of the problems with Linux today on laptops is that CPU will run in unoptimized manner which will negatively reflect on battery life. For example, CPU will run using "performance" governor with turbo boost enabled regardless if it's plugged in to power or not.



OpenPMU is a platform for the research, development and education of Synchrophasor technology.

Open Source SynchroPhasor PMU


The GridTrak Open Source SynchroPhasor PMU Project provides resources that enable you to build your own SynchroPhasor sensor for use with the openPDC project, research, development, or electric grid observation.

clubber - Application of music theory in audio reactive visualizations

  •    Javascript

This small js library listens to audio sources and extracts the underlying rhythmic information. The linear frequency energies are converted into midi notes which music theory suggests to be a better segregation for music audio. A set of meaningful measurements are produced in a form suitable for direct use in webgl shaders, or any other context. This simple flow provides a powerful framework for the rapid development of awesome audio reactive visualisations.

analyser-frequency-average - gets an average intensity between two frequency ranges

  •    Javascript

For the given WebAudio AnalyserNode, determine the average signal (0 .. 1) between two frequency ranges in Hz. This can be useful for audio visualization on a certain spectrum of the frequency graph.The frequency is assumed to be in byte data, though you can use the floatData entry point to get around this.

monster-drift - 📻🏎 Drive a radio controlled car with Node.js and HackRF

  •    Javascript

📻🏎 Drive a radio controlled car with Node.js and HackRF. This module should work with most radio controlled cars operating on a frequency of 27MHz.Simply run the monster-drift command to start. Use --help to get help.

spectrum - a small tool to visualize the frequencies of an audio file

  •    Javascript

A small web app that shows the frequencies in real-time of a MP3/OGG file. Modelled after Ableton Live's Spectrum effect.MIT, see LICENSE.md for details.

sillyscope - oscilloscope and spectrogram that reads from stdin

  •    Javascript

you will get a live scanning spectroscope in a chromeless chrome window.Only supports 32-bit float input right now.

frequency-viewer - plot frequencies in the browser from raw data

  •    Javascript

Create a new frequency scope.You can set the baud rate with opts.rate, default: 44000.

frequency-counter - Count the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit of time

  •    Javascript

Count the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit of time. Initialize the frequency counter. Optionally set a custom window size in seconds over which the frequency should be calcuated (default: 60).

audio-notes - Note frequencies for equal-tempered scale

  •    Javascript

Provides note frequencies for equal-tempered scale. Available on NPM.

count-min-sketch - Count-Min Sketch Data Structure

  •    Javascript

An implementation of Coromode and Muthukrishnan's Count-Min sketch data structure for JavaScript. The count-min sketch is basically a high powered generalization of the bloom filter. While a bloom filter gives an efficient way to approximate membership of a set, a count-min sketch can give approximate data about the relative frequency of items in the set. Creates a count-min sketch data structure.

detect-pitch - Detects the pitch of an audio snippet

  •    Javascript

Detects the pitch of a signal using the autocorrelation method. Detects the pitch of signal by computing the period by autocorrelation.

abacus - Counter Data structure for Golang using CountMin Sketch with a fixed amount of memory

  •    Go

Abacus let you count item frequencies in big datasets with a fixed amount of memory. Unlike a regular counter it trades off accuracy for memory. This is useful for particular tasks, for example in NLP/ML related tasks you might want to count millions of items however approximate counts are good enough.

libwxfreq - libwxfreq is a generic high performance frequency limitation library

  •    C++

libwxfreq is a generic high performance frequency limitation library

react-slider-kit - react-slider-kit is going to be a comprehensive solution to slider feature in react

  •    Javascript

react-slider-kit is going to be a comprehensive solution to slider feature in react. This component was originally inspired by dribble concept design The Range Slider Component. React-Slider-Kit is bundled as a combination of multiple components, and by default the single slider is imported.

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