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freetype-gl - OpenGL text using one vertex buffer, one texture and FreeType

  •    C

A small library for displaying Unicode in OpenGL using a single texture and a single vertex buffer. Installation instructions.

draw2d - 2D rendering for different output (raster, pdf, svg)

  •    Go

Package draw2d is a pure go 2D vector graphics library with support for multiple output devices such as images (draw2d), pdf documents (draw2dpdf) and opengl (draw2dgl), which can also be used on the google app engine. It can be used as a pure go Cairo alternative. draw2d is released under the BSD license. See the documentation for more details. Click on an image above to get the pdf, generated with exactly the same draw2d code. The first image is the output of samples/geometry. The second image is the result of samples/postcript, which demonstrates that draw2d can draw postscript files into images or pdf documents with the ps package.

ktx - LibKTX: Kotlin extensions for LibGDX games and applications

  •    Kotlin

Kotlin utilities for LibGDX applications. KTX aims to make LibGDX as Kotlin-friendly as possible without turning the API upside down. It provides modular utilities for certain parts of LibGDX with poor Kotlin support. This is not a new framework by any means - but Kotlin certainly makes LibGDX feel like one.

fontpath - Font to vector path tools

  •    Javascript

A tool which generates paths and kerning data from a TTF/OTF/WOFF/etc font. The paths can then be decomposed into points, or rendered to a canvas, or triangulated.The default size is 12 pt, but exporting with a higher font size will give you better resolution when rendering the path at large sizes. It's best to match the exported size to the final rendered size, as it will produce better rounding when scaled down.

fontpath-renderer - a generic renderer for fontpath glyphs

  •    Javascript

A generic renderer for fontpath glyphs.This is a low-level module and is mostly used internally.

node-fontnik - Fonts ⇢ protobuf-encoded SDF glyphs

  •    Javascript

A library that delivers a range of glyphs rendered as SDFs (signed distance fields) in a protocol buffer. We use these encoded glyphs as the basic blocks of font rendering in Mapbox GL. SDF encoding is superior to traditional fonts for our usecase terms of scaling, rotation, and quickly deriving halos - WebGL doesn't have built-in font rendering, so the decision is between vectorization, which tends to be slow, and SDF generation.The approach this library takes is to parse and rasterize the font with Freetype (hence the C++ requirement), and then generate a distance field from that rasterized image.

odin - High level 2d game engine written in Haskell.

  •    Haskell

odin-engine is a high level 2d game and application engine. It provides a number of composable GUI widgets and glue code to various useful libraries. It is written on top of reflex-sdl2, an FRP over SDL2. reflex-sdl2 provides the main loop and the control scheme is familiar FRP if you've used any reflex based hosts.

freetype-py - Python binding for the freetype library

  •    Python

Freetype Python provides bindings for the FreeType library. Only the high-level API is bound. From PyPI, recommended: pip install freetype-py. This will install the library with a bundled FreeType binary, so you're ready to go on Windows, macOS and Linux (all with 32 and 64 bit x86 architecture support).

qlwoff - QuickLook plugin to preview Web Open Font Format files (woff)

  •    Objective-C++

This is a QuickLook plugin for OS X 10.9 to display woff files (Web Open Font Format). qlwoff is released under the Simplified BSD license, see LICENSE.

SharpFont - Cross-platform FreeType bindings for .NET

  •    CSharp

SharpFont is a library that provides FreeType bindings for .NET. It's MIT licensed to make sure licensing doesn't get in the way of using the library in your own projects. Unlike Tao.FreeType, SharpFont provides the full public API and not just the basic methods needed to render simple text. Everything from format-specific APIs to the caching subsystem are included. ###From Source Clone the repository and compile the solution. Copy SharpFont.dll to your project and include it as a reference. On Windows, you must include a compiled copy of FreeType2 as freetype6.dll in the project's output directory. It is possible to rename the file by changing the filename constant in FT.Internal.cs and recompile. On Linux and OSX (and any other Mono supported platform), you must also copy SharpFont.dll.config to the project's output directory.


  •    C++

FreeType bindings for Node.js. See FreeType documentation for more info.

text-rendering-tests - Unicode’s test suite for text rendering engines

  •    HTML

This is a test suite for text rendering engines. It is not easy to correctly display text, so we founded this project to help implementations to get this right. With --engine=FreeStack, the tests are run on the free/libre open-source text rendering stack with FreeType, HarfBuzz, FriBidi, and Raqm. These libraries are used by Linux, Android, ChromeOS, and many other systems. — Test report for FreeStack.

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