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Frappe - Metadata driven, Low Code Web Framework in Python & JS. Used to build ERPNext

  •    Python

Frappe is a low code framework built on Python and JS. It is a full-stack web application framework that uses Python and MariaDB on the server side and a tightly integrated client side library.

frappe_charts - Frappé Charts Ruby gem for Rails.

  •    Ruby

This gem includes the Frappé Charts libraries in your Rails application. Add //= require frappe-charts.min.iife to your application.js file and *= require frappe-charts.min to your application.css file.

design - 🎨 Elements and source files of design resources used in products of frappe technologies

  •    HTML

Frappé Design is a collective repository for the design components of frappé erpnext & and related technologies. The design team works on the visual language and user experience of Frappe and ERPNext. The best way to contribute is participate in the design related discussions in the forum. Take a look at ongoing design projects in the issue tab and submit designs by sending a PR or commenting on the issues.