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WatchdogInspector - Shows your current framerate (fps) in the status bar of your iOS app

  •    Shell

WatchdogInspector counts your app's framerate and displays the fps in the status bar. The coloured status bar lets you know when your framerate drops below 60 fps. If everything is fine your status bar gets happy and will stay green. To detect unwanted main thread stalls you can set a custom watchdog timeout. and run pod install You can see the example project how to setup and run WatchdogInspector Make sure that you don't use WatchdogInspector in production.

pesdk-android-demo - A fully customizable photo editor for your app.

  •    Java

The PhotoEditor SDK is a powerful and multifaceted tool which enables you to equip your Android application with high-performant photo editing capabilities. The PhotoEditor SDK is written in Java and can easily be customized to entirely blend with your CI and provide your users with the exact feature set your use-case requires. The SDK ships with a large variety of filters, covering all state of the art style- and mood settings that can be previewed in real-time. Unlike other apps that allow a live preview of filters, the PhotoEditor SDK even provides a live preview when using high-resolution images.




Splitter Panel Ajaxian ASP.NET WebControl

  •    DotNet

The SplitterPanel WebControl looks and works like the splitter panel seen on the MSDN website.

fps - Tiny module for measuring FPS

  •    Javascript

A little module for measuring FPS (frames per second) rates in the browser and Node. Note that this module only covers measuring and not display, so if you're looking for something more "plug and play" you should try stats.js or FPSMeter.Call this method at the beginning of each frame to update the measurements and emit new results.

ticker - Game/animation loop helper

  •    Javascript

A module for running animation and game loops with browserify.You've probably heard of requestAnimationFrame: a helpful method for running animations at higher frame rates than setInterval. It works really well for rendering animations to the screen, adjusting the speed to fit your screen refresh rate and battery life, etc.

keytime - [EXPERIMENT] keyframe animation tools

  •    Javascript

Modular keyframe-based animation tools. Currently at a work-in-progress/proof-of-concept stage.This does not implement its own loop or play(), pause() methods. It simply allows the developer to retrieve interpolated values at an arbitrary time stamp (which may be in seconds, milliseconds, centuries, or whatever).


  •    HTML

jquery.enhsplitter is a plugin to generate sliding splitters on your page. Useful for separating content, emulating the look of frames, collapsable tool windows, and more. Completely customizable look and feel, and touchscreen friendly.jquery.enhsplitter requires jQuery v1.8 or greater, or v2.0 or greater.

video-thumbnail-generator - :camera: Generate thumbnail sprites from videos.

  •    Python

Generate thumbnail sprites from videos. Almost all video players enhances user's seekbar navigation by providing a thumbnail preview of the moments where the user want to seek, so generate this sprites shouldn't be hard. This is a python script that, given a video, generates a thumbnail sprite image from it.

node-cli-frames - :o: Create ASCII animations in Terminal using ASCII frames.

  •    Javascript

Create CLI animations using text frames. Creates a new instance of CliFrames.

react-native-image-sequence - native implementation for creating frame based image animations

  •    Java

You can change the speed of the animation by setting the framesPerSecond property. You can change if animation loops indefinitely by setting the loop property.

giftool - A website to encode a GIF from image frames

  •    Javascript

A simple, open-source GIF encoding website from a sequence of frames. Drag and drop files onto the site and it will encode them into a GIF. For best results, use numbered and zero-padded files, like 000.png, 001.png, 002.png, etc.

gif-frames - 🖼 Extract frames from an animated GIF with pure JS

  •    Javascript

A pure JavaScript tool for extracting GIF frames and saving to file. Works in Node or the browser. Uses get-pixels and save-pixels under the hood. This will expose gifFrames as a global variable.

pesdk-ios-build - A fully customizable photo editor for your app.


Our SDK provides tools for adding photo editing capabilities to your iOS application with a big variety of filters that can be previewed in realtime. Unlike other apps that allow a live preview of filters, the PhotoEditor SDK even provides a live preview when using high-resolution images. The framework is written in Swift and allows for easy customization. Additionally we support adding stickers and text in a non-destructive manner, which means that you can change the position, size, scale and order at any given time, even after applying other effects or cropping the photo. For a step-by-step guide to integrate PhotoEditor SDK, please visit docs.photoeditorsdk.com/guides/ios.

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