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hexapod - Blazing fast hexapod robot simulator for the web.

  •    Javascript

You can use this web app to solve inverse kinematics, simulate various gaits, and more. In real time, you can also view all the angles the robot's eighteen joints make at any particular pose. All the computations are solely done in your browser, nothing's fetching data from somewhere else, so it should be fast. Another (somewhat) cool thing is that this app does NOT depend on any external mathematics library; it only uses Javascript's built-in Math object. If you'd like to build you're own user interface with Node, you can download the algorithm alone as a package: Hexapod Kinematics Library. There is also a "fork" modified where you can use the app to control a physical hexapod robot as you can see in the gif below.

pyikfast - Python bindings for the `ikfast` library and utilities to generate the analytical inverse kinematics solution

  •    C++

Generate a Python ikfast library from the given URDF file. This project provides all necessary utilities to generate ikpy C++ files and Python bindings for it. Replace [base_link] and [effector] with the link-names from the robot.urdf. The [module_extension] will append to the generated Python module name. The module name will be pyikfast + [module_extension]. For example, _irb4600 will generate the Python module named pyikfast_irb4600.

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