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  •    PHP

Since its creation in 2000, phpBB has become the most widely used Open Source forum solution. With a large and highly customisable set of key features coupled with a standards compliant interface, phpBB will grow with, and complement your website. With millions of installations worldwide, it is no wonder phpBB is one of the most popular ways to create and support a community.

Discourse - Discussion Platform like Stackoverflow

  •    Ruby

Discourse is a platform for community discussion. Whenever you need a mailing list, a forum to discuss something, a chat room where you can type paragraphs, consider Discourse. It provides a flattened discussion, which avoids the pains of threaded forums, and delivers a more robust, intuitive interface to join a conversation at any point.

FUDforum - Fast Uncompromising Discussion forum

  •    PHP

FUDforum (Fast Uncompromising Discussion Forum) has the ability to generate forum web pages extremely fast. It can also act as a Mailing List Manager, USENET newsreader and even an XML Feed Aggregator. This will allow you to build an instant community and consolidate all your messages into a single system. Its features include Templating System, i18n Support, Polls, Full text search, Custom tags, IP tracking and lot more.

MyBB - professional,efficient discussion board

  •    PHP

MyBB is a forum package full of useful and to-the-point features, helping you to make administrating your bulletin board as easy as possible. It is a professional and efficient discussion board.

esoTalk - Forum Software Reinvented

  •    PHP

esoTalk is free, open-source Internet forum software written in PHP and MySQL. It is intent on being extremely simple, fast, and modern, containing all of the essential features a forum might need, and a powerful plugin system allowing developers to extend it in any way they like.

flowchat - A live updating, threaded discussion platform with range voting.

  •    Java

FlowChat is an open-source, self-hostable, live-updating discussion platform, featuring communities, discussions with threaded conversations, and voting.It can act as an alternative to forums, as a private team communication platform(like slack), a content creation platform(like reddit), or a voting/polling platform like referendum.

cforum - Classic Forum, a modern, fast and flexible threaded forum software

  •    Ruby

The Classic Forum is a modern and flexible threaded forum software written in Ruby on Rails. It uses PostgreSQL as its backend. It tries to give the user an alternative to all questionable design- or function decisions and thus aims to be highly configurable without losing performance.

topicsolved - phpBB Topic Solved extension: Allows posting questions, and accepting answers as solved

  •    PHP

Allows posting questions, and accepting answers as solved. Solved indicators will be shown next to titles throughout forum and topic views. Mostly ideal for support forums, but can be customized for marking topics for other purposes such as classifieds being marked as sold.

converse - A simple forum software

  •    Rust

Welcome to Converse, a work-in-progress forum software written in Rust. The intention behind Converse is to provide a simple forum-like experience. There is not a lot of documentation about Converse yet and it has several known issues. Also note that Converse is being developed for a specific use-case and is not going to be a forum feature kitchen-sink like most classical forum softwares.

forum - Ama Laravel? Torne se um Jedi e Ajude outros Padawans


Ama o Laravel? Torne se um Jedi e ajude outros Padawans. Você pode querer receber atualizações do fórum em seu email ou via notificações do GitHub.

Gosora - A super fast yet feature packed modern forum software written in Go

  •    Go

The initial code-base was forked from one of my side projects, but has now gone far beyond that. We've moved along in a development and the software should be somewhat stable for general use. Features may break from time to time, however I will generally try to warn of the biggest offenders in advance, so that you can tread with caution around certain commits, the upcoming v0.1 will undergo even more rigorous testing.

porter - Export legacy forums into a format Vanilla Forums can import.

  •    PHP

Vanilla Porter is a nifty tool for exporting your old & busted forum into a fresh Vanilla Forum. It will create a zipped text file that can be imported directly to Vanilla via the Dashboard. Do NOT user Vanilla Porter for UPGRADING. It is for migrating from other forums, including the incompatible Vanilla 1.x series.

Elune - 🤔 Elune project

  •    Java

Light weight forum application.