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SharePoint 2013 FBA Pack


Forms Based Authentication management tools for SharePoint 2013. Manage users and roles. Register User, Change Password and Recover Password web parts.

login.js - Brain-dead simple drop-in Connect middleware for user authentication

  •    Javascript

BIG NOTE Version 0.8.0 and above are being migrated to not use any template engine as a dependency. It started with 0.8.0 with the migration occurring for the PostgreSQL support. This is allow better operation regardless of your choice of engine. Right now only PostgreSQL has this improvement. I have moved redis and couchdb support into the Attic until I can convert them over as well. IF YOU ARE USING COUCHDB OR REDIS SUPPORT WITH THIS MODULE DO NOT UPGRADE TO 0.8.x UNTIL SUPPORT IS ADDED.login.js is designed to be a drop-in, minimal configuration express.js login and forgot password module. It doesn't provide twitter accounts OAuth, openid, or Facebook connect authentication, it just makes standard user authentication easy peasy. The original design most likely did suck horribly because it was made by Chris Williams ([voodootikigod][http://voodootikigod.com]) and was driven by a need for such a thing (and a good couple pints of beer). It has since been refactor for your pleasure.

CoopTilleulsForgotPasswordBundle - Provides a "forgot password" complete feature through a Symfony2 bundle

  •    PHP

Provides a forgot password feature for a REST API. Full documentation is available at Resources/doc.