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js-traverse - Traverse and transform objects by visiting every node on a recursive walk.

  •    Javascript

Traverse and transform objects by visiting every node on a recursive walk.Each method that takes an fn uses the context documented below in the context section.

co-each - Parallel forEach for generators

  •    Javascript

Parallel forEach for generators.as in Array#forEach and yield when all are done. Functions are being executed in parallel.

doAzureParallel - A R package that allows users to submit parallel workloads in Azure

  •    R

The doAzureParallel package is a parallel backend for the widely popular foreach package. With doAzureParallel, each iteration of the foreach loop runs in parallel on an Azure Virtual Machine (VM), allowing users to scale up their R jobs to tens or hundreds of machines.doAzureParallel is built to support the foreach parallel computing package. The foreach package supports parallel execution - it can execute multiple processes across some parallel backend. With just a few lines of code, the doAzureParallel package helps create a cluster in Azure, register it as a parallel backend, and seamlessly connects to the foreach package.

each-async - Async concurrent iterator (async forEach)

  •    Javascript

Like async.each(), but tiny.I often use async.each() for doing async operations when iterating, but I almost never use the other gadzillion methods in async.

p-each-series - Iterate over promises serially

  •    Javascript

Useful as a side-effect iterator. Prefer p-map if you don't need side-effects, as it's concurrent.Returns a Promise that is fulfilled when all promises in input and ones returned from iterator are fulfilled, or rejects if any of the promises reject. The fulfillment value is the original input.

knockout-fast-foreach - Foreach. Faster. For Knockout.

  •    Javascript

An experiment in faster foreach binding. Include in your project in the usual ways, then instead of foreach use fastForEach.

javascript-sync-async-foreach - An optionally-asynchronous forEach with an interesting interface.

  •    Javascript

An optionally-asynchronous forEach with an interesting interface. In the browser, you can attach the forEach method to any object.

json-path-processor - JsonPathProcessor (JPP) - A common data processor target to process data without running try catch hell, and get/set properties of nested objects

  •    Javascript

JsonPathProcessor (JPP) - A common data processor target to process data without running try catch hell, and get/set properties of nested objects. Now JPP stop using lodash and move to ES5. For none ES5 browsers/enviromnent, you should use polyfills to ensure JPP works well. You can try polyfill.io or polyfills.io.

knockout-paging - Adds an extender to Knockout that can add paging functionality to observable arrays

  •    Javascript

This library adds an extender to Knockout that can add paging functionality to observable arrays. After extending the observable array with the paged extender, the observable array will have new observables, computed values and functions added to it.

knockout-pre-rendered - Adds binding handlers which values are initialized using pre-rendered content (HTML)

  •    Javascript

Once the binding has been applied however, the text within the <span> element will be cleared, as the bound observable did not have a value (existing HTML content is ignored). Now, the text within the <span> element is left unchanged. This is due to the init binding handler setting the observable's value to the text content of the bound element. As Knockout binding handlers are executed left-to-right, when the text binding executes the init binding will already have initialized the observable.

SAMP-foreach - foreach standalone include (non y_iterate version)

  •    PAWN

Y_Less dropped support for this version of foreach. This version of foreach is 19 (0.4.3). This is the standalone version, so it does not require YSI. Use this version if you do not want to include YSI.

js-deep-for-each - Recursively iterates over collections arrays and objects

  •    Javascript

Recursively iterates over arrays and objects. The iteration is made using a deep-first algorithm. This library expects the host environment to be up-to-date or polyfilled with core-js or similar.

go-streams - Stream Collections for Go. Inspired in Java 8 Streams and .NET Linq

  •    Go

Here we use an array of string as the source of the stream, perform a filter operation provided by a function that receives a single element of the collection and determines whether the element should remain in the stream by returning a boolean.

doFuture - :rocket: R package: doFuture - A Universal Foreach Parallel Adaptor using the Future API of the 'future' Package

  •    R

The future package provides a generic API for using futures in R. A future is a simple yet powerful mechanism to evaluate an R expression and retrieve its value at some point in time. Futures can be resolved in many different ways depending on which strategy is used. There are various types of synchronous and asynchronous futures to choose from in the future package. Additional futures are implemented in other packages. For instance, the future.batchtools package provides futures for any type of backend that the batchtools package supports. For an introduction to futures in R, please consult the vignettes of the future package. The doFuture package provides a %dopar% adaptor for the foreach package that works with any type of future. The doFuture package is cross platform just as the future package.

foreach - Foreach component + npm package

  •    Javascript

Iterate over the key value pairs of either an array-like object or a dictionary like object.

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