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matryoshka - Generalized recursion schemes and traversals for Scala.

  •    Scala

Generalized folds, unfolds, and traversals for fixed point data structures in Scala. Optionally, you can also depend on matryoshka-scalacheck to get Arbitrary/Cogen/Shrink instances for a bunch of pattern functors and fixed points.

partial.lenses - Partial lenses is a comprehensive, high-performance optics library for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

We ultimately want to present the user with a rich enough editor, with features such as undo-redo and validation, for manipulating the content represented by those JSON objects. The titles property is really just one tiny part of the data model, but, in this tutorial, we only look at it, because it is sufficient for introducing most of the basic ideas. Furthermore, when updating, inserting, and removing texts, we'd like the operations to treat the JSON as immutable and create new JSON objects with the changes rather than mutate existing JSON objects, because this makes it trivial to support features such as undo-redo and can also help to avoid bugs associated with mutable state.

array-reduce - `[].reduce()` for old browsers

  •    Javascript

Create a result res by folding acc = f(acc, xs[i], i) over each element in the array xs at element i. If init is given, the first acc value is init, otherwise xs[0] is used.

jsonfui - jsonfui is an interactive command-line JSON viewer.

  •    Javascript

Download latest release from GitHub (does not require node.js). When the application is open, you are in a vim-style tree viewer.

atom-remember-folds - Remembers and automatically re-folds folds in your text editors in atom

  •    Javascript

Remembers and automatically re-folds folds in your text editors in atom

base64-fold - A Sublime Text plug-in that automatically folds base64-encoded data URIs in your CSS files

  •    Python

Problem solved: the URI is still there, but it's neatly folded and can be unfolded for inspection. You can install Base64 Fold through Sublime Package Control.

Accordion - Silky-smooth accordion widgets with no external dependencies.

  •    Javascript

Silky-smooth accordion widgets with no external dependencies. The base stylesheet is located at src/accordion.css. Embed it into your application's existing styling, tweaking it if desired.

foldcontent-zhihu - 原生 js 实现知乎收起答案功能

  •    Javascript

用原生 js 实现知乎收起答案功能

vim-chalk - :pencil2: Better fold markers

  •    Vim

Vim can get confused when handling multiple nested fold markers. Update: Inspired by kshenoy/vim-origami, I updated Chalk with the option to keep the markers aligned. My version aligns both the opening and closing markers and it also allows you to choose a "filler" character for the padding. On the other hand, it doesn't support "staggered" alignment and the markers are always aligned to the textwidth setting.

strings - A set of useful functions for transforming strings.

  •    Ruby

The Strings is a set of useful functions such as fold, truncate, wrap, and many more for transforming strings. Strings is a module with stateless function calls which can be executed directly or mixed into other classes.

much - Pager with code folding for JavaScript source code

  •    Javascript

much — pager with depth support. Fold JavaScript functions, objects and blocks interactively in the pager.

bluebird-promisell - A practical functional programming library for promises

  •    Javascript

A functional programming library for promises. bluebird-promisell provides a set of composable functions that allows you to write flat async code with promises.

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