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go-plus - An Enhanced Go Experience For The Atom Editor

  •    Javascript

gocode (and a few other tools, like gotype) work on .a files (i.e. the package object archive), and the way to keep these up to date is to run go install periodically. This ensures your autocomplete suggestions are kept up to date without having to resort to gocode set autobuild true 🎉.We are open to suggestions for detecting a package which is built with gb; please feel free to submit a pull request that detects a gb package without any explicit configuration and runs it.

durafmt - :clock8: Better time duration formatting in Go!

  •    Go

durafmt is a tiny Go library that formats time.Duration strings into a human readable format.Contributions are welcome! Fork this repo and add your changes and submit a PR.

audiobuffer-to-wav - convert an AudioBuffer to .wav format

  •    Javascript

Encodes the contents of an AudioBuffer from the WebAudio API as WAVE. Supports 16-bit PCM and 32-bit float data.The code for this has been adapted from the export feature of Recorder.js.

markdown-tools - A small CLI interface to kramed with lots of useful markdown tools (like go's "go fmt", lexing, rendering

  •    Javascript

A small CLI interface to kramed with lots of useful markdown tools (like go's "go fmt", lexing, rendering ...)

cfmt - :art: Contextual fmt inspired by bootstrap color classes

  •    Go

It provides contextual formatting functions that have nearly identical usage of the fmt package. The ideas were borrowed from bootstrap's contextual color classes. Note: cfmt.Errorf function does not do same things to fmt.Errorf, but to fmt.Printf with red colored text.

ffmt - Golang beautify data display for Humans

  •    Go

Pouch is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for the full license text.

sublime-fmt - Sublime Text generic formatter plugin; formats arbitrary code by calling arbitrary executables, such as `gofmt`

  •    Python

Sublime Text plugin for auto-formatting arbitrary code by calling arbitrary executables. Works for gofmt, rustfmt, any similar tool that's an executable and uses standard input/output. Based on https://github.com/mitranim/sublime-gofmt and fully replaces it. Also replaces RustFmt and countless others.

zprint-clj - Node.js wrapper for ZPrint Clojure source code formatter

  •    Clojure

You can configure zprint-clj with a .zprintrc file. The .zprintrc is written in EDN format. If none found, we fall back on zprint-clj default settings.

yamlfmt - Format YAML

  •    Go

yamlfmt is a little Go binary that reads YAML from file(s) or standard input, formats it and then writes it to standard output. Use the following configuration in Vim, to create a "Fmt" command that formats your YAML.

minformat - gominfmt makes the Go code more compact to aid further compression; revert with gofmt

  •    Go

This package formats the Go source code in a way so it becomes more compact. It can be considered to be a minifier, although it doesn't make irreversible transformations by default (well, it does remove all comments). For (3) I would recommend using gofumpt.

yaml5 - YAML5 - use YAML like it's JSON5.

  •    Go

YAML5 is a way of writing YAML files that makes them look like JSON5. In other words: it's not a new format. There is only one rule: your YAML file needs to be a valid JSON5 document.

rehype-format - plugin to format HTML

  •    Javascript

rehype plugin to format HTML. This package is ESM only: Node 12+ is needed to use it and it must be imported instead of required.

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