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bls - RTMP framework for Nodejs

  •    C++

BLS is a rtmp server framework for Nodejs. This server is developed in libuv I/O framework which is used by Nodejs. So it's performace in case of a large number of clients push or pull stream data concurrently is very good. At the same time, you can add custom logics, such as auth/cluster, in this framework easily with js api. A variety of API are provided to manage RTMP stream, such as open and close a stream, get the quality of one stream. A simple RTMP server. You can publish stream with ffmpeg, and play stream with flash/vlc/ffmpeg...

grunt-mxmlc - A Grunt task plugin to compile Adobe Flex/ActionScript/MXML/FLV/etc

  •    Javascript

A Grunt task plugin to compile Adobe Flex/ActionScript/MXML/FLV/etc. apps with the mxmlc compiler from the Apache/Adobe Flex SDK. In your project's Gruntfile, add a section named mxmlc to the data object passed into grunt.initConfig().

node-flex-sdk - A Node

  •    Javascript

An NPM wrapper for the Apache Flex SDK / Adobe Flex SDK. What this is really doing is just grabbing a particular "blessed" (by this module) version of the Flex SDK. As new versions of the Apache/Adobe Flex SDK are released and vetted, this module will be updated accordingly.

flv-parser - Reads a flv file and output its information in sane C data structure

  •    C

Reads a flv file and output its information in sane C data structure

go-oryx-lib - The public multiple media library for https://github.com/ossrs/go-oryx.

  •    Go

This library is exported by server go-oryx. Remark: For library, please never use logger, use errors instead.

xgplayer-vue - Vue component for xgplayer, a HTML5 video player with a parser that saves traffic

  •    Javascript

xgplayer-vue is the Vue component which encapsulating the xgplayer. 'mp4', 'hls', 'flv', 'dash' are supported to play and you should add the plugin you want to use. Functional Plugins List.

youtube-dl - Go impl of Youtube video & audio Downloader

  •    Go

ytd is Go application for downloading Youtube videos and converting to other formats(flv, mp3). To understand the design take a look at the Design Document. The make command builds the code, runs the tests, generates and runs the docker containers.